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Time to tell your customers what they CAN do for a change!

Ensure all your customers know your open for business through drive-thru, takeaway and delivery!

Get your store noticed again and let’s get back to business!

Which Flag is right for me??

We have chosen the FEATHER flag for this stock range because it flutters in the wind to attract attention.

  1. What message do you wish to COMMUNICATE? – We are OPEN, We DELIVER, OPEN, SALE or COFFEE
  2. How much do you want to SPEND? Small Single sided flags are the “entry level” flag as they only have one layer of fabric – double sided has two layers.
  3. Medium or Small? The medium gives 50+% more visibility and a big part of the message is above head height so if your budget can stretch to purchase Medium Feather Flags they will give you more exposure. BEWARE – Medium flags at 3.5mtr high may not fit under some awnings or trees, in that case the Small at 2.42mtr would be recommended.
  4. Single or Double sided? For simple BOLD messages single sided works well because even when the word is shown in reverse the “mind’s eye” reads the word the right way around. More complex messages double sided print is recommended to so the message is clear regardless of which way the wind is blowing. (the base has a roller bearing in it that swivels as the wind changes direction).
  5. Is it possible to CUSTOMISE the flag? YES it is! We can help with the design, maybe you would like to ADD a logo or CHANGE the wording. There will be an extra charge depending on the quantity required just ask our sales team for a proposal.
  6. What BASE should I purchase? For positioning your flag on hard surfaces we suggest the plate base – 5kg for the SMALL flag and 10kg for the MEDIUM flag or for the SMALL in high wind areas. For in the garden or roadside the spike base would be best. Other options are available depending on your requirements.

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