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Caring for your Marquee

Like most things, the life of your marquee depends on how well (or badly) it is treated.

Our marquees are specially designed for use in the Australian climate, manufactured with high-quality materials and components so you can be confident they will last for a number of years if they are looked after properly.

Here are a few tips to get more life out of your marquee:

  1. Always secure the frame to the ground, and the canopy to the frame.


This one is not always obvious, as you may think the marquee would not blow over!

Consider the large surface area of the canopy – with a gust of wind it could act as a parachute and lift the marquee off the ground, potentially hurting people or damaging property. Thus, it is your duty of care to secure the marquee at all times.


We recommend using pegs in the feet as well as the guy ropes attached to the canopy, and a weight bag filled with sand on each leg (this is especially important if you are not able to peg it into the ground).

If the canopy is not secured onto the frame it will flap around in the wind, naturally causing more wear & tear. Use the clip straps and follow the instructions carefully to ensure they are positioned correctly. Always remember to release the clips before folding the marquee!

  1. Hose down the frame to remove sand and dirt

Sand can eventually cause the legs to jam if it gets in between the inner and outer legs, and the friction will scratch & wear down the aluminium. It is a good idea to hose down the marquee to wash away these damaging grains.

  1. Never fold up your marquee if it is wet


Remember, these are TEMPORARY structures and are not designed to be left up permanently.

If you have to pack up in wet conditions, make sure you open it up when you get to its storage location to allow it to dry completely before storing for an extended period of time. If stored wet, the fabric inks may run and become blotchy, and the polyester will perish quickly as mould will rot the fibres.

  1. Remove the canopy if the marquee will be stored for an extended period of time

We understand it is not always practical to remove the canopy each time you pack away the marquee, but be aware of the legs ‘pinching’ the fabric which can cause it to tear. If it is not going to be used for an extended period, we recommend storing the frame and canopy separately for optimal protection.

  1. Make sure the frame is the right way up in the carry bag

The feet of the marquee should always be placed in the base of the bag where the wheels are located. If it sits the other way, the friction generated by the wheels against the canopy may cause it to tear.


If you follow these simple steps, you may well find yourself as one of our customers who return after 5-8 years to refresh the canopy while the frame remains intact, which is testament to the durability of our product and a sign of your good care!

Don’t forget – we supply a full range of spare parts for the marquees which are easy to replace yourself in the event of minor damages or lost components. Download the Spare Parts Order Form here.