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McDonald’s launch MacPack event with Star Outdoor Media Wall

Our impressive new Media Wall was a showstopper for the launch event of “MacPack”, a McDonald’s program that encourages participation in junior sport.

The event was launched at the Etihad Stadium with AFL players and ambassadors Tom Hawkins, Jack Riewoldt, Scott Pendlebury, and the Hallam Junior Football Club. The event attracted all major TV stations, newspapers and radio stations. If you have a media event that requires maximum exposure for your brand, please contact Star Outdoor for your Media Wall today.

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Marquee signage: 5 tips to get noticed at your next event

Events, trade shows and festivals are some of the best ways to connect with new customers – but as these types of events get more and more popular, it can be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard!

As marquee specialists, our customers rely on us to design their marquee signage in a way that will attract new customers to their brand and maximise their return on investment.

So what can YOU do to ensure that your brand gets noticed? We share our top 5 marquee signage tips…

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What is the difference between polyester and vinyl portable marquees?

Have you ever wondered why some marquees are made of vinyl while others are made of polyester? When you compare the two, polyester has considerable advantage over vinyl as the best portable marquee material.

1. Lighter to carry (important for marquees for events)

Anyone who has carried a vinyl marquee will know that they weigh a tonne! While some weight comes from the frame, most of it is in the heavy vinyl canopy. On the other hand, polyester marquees are much easier to carry dueto their lightweight but strong fabric.
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Branded walls for Event Marquees

You need to ensure that your display has maximum impact to make it worthwhile. This can be hard to achieve in a crowded environment full of event or trade show exhibitors, where everyone is competing for attention. In this situation, the key to standing out is to make the best possible use of your space available.

A branded marquee, or something more?

 A branded event marquee makes all the difference when you need to stand out from the crowd. While a valance or canopy printed with your brand is a great start, marquee walls that also feature your branding or a message that connects you and your brand will define you from your competitors.
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