The aim of the Droughtmaster marquee at Beef Week 2021 was to provide a venue for Droughtmaster members and the extended community including sponsors and special guests, to meet, relax and network.  Its purpose was also to educate visitors on the brand, create brand awareness and communicate the mission and vision of the Droughtmaster Stud Breeders’ Society. Also, to reinforce our new branding and to highlight a point of difference between ourselves and our competitors. Given the event was in Rockhampton it was important for us to have signage that was easily transportable. Other key elements were ease of installation and the ability to re-use for future events.  Quality is another important factor for us.   Having ‘robust’ materials is great for working in the elements – our events are typically outside, in the dust, sun, around cattle yards and high traffic areas.


The Star Outdoor products and signage enabled us to convey our message in a clear and concise way and maximise the use of the space available within our marquee.  It was also used to create a ‘journey’ within the marquee – encouraging visitors to wander through the marquee and read about our story.  We also used it to facilitate storage spaces and hide some ‘ugly’ bits within the marquee. With our banner, Star Outdoor worked with us to utilise Velcro Stickers so that we are able to reuse the banner at future events and just replace the dates. Multi-use signage is a big one for us as we are a not-for-profit, easier to justify the spend.


We had lots of great feedback from visitors about our marquee.  It was professional and so very different to what other breed societies had.  It was able to withstand the 7 days of heat, dust and traffic.  It was (for the most part) easy to install and pack down.  I’m really glad we went for the SEG walls knowing we can re-skin these for future events.  The floor surface was pretty unforgiving in parts (uneven and not particularly great floor covering) but the signage was flexible enough to still work out as planned.  Why did we go with Star Outdoor? The team! Easy to work with.  Quality control.   Have great ideas out how we can deliver our desired outcomes.  Commitment to getting it right.  Ability to meet deadlines. Communication. 

Ali Bull
Marketing and Events Executive