Ray White – Elite Agent

Elite Agent Tells How to Build Profile and Longevity in Your Career

3 minutes with Mark Diamond, Ray White Bulimba

Being acknowledged as a true local expert and awarded by his peers and industry as a Ray White Elite Agent, Mark Diamond of Ray White Bulimba, Brisbane, knows a thing or two about building profile.

Having spent a few moments with Mark, we quizzed him about the rewards of having an active brand presence in his local community.


Q1. Building a strong brand reputation for Ray White Bulimba and yourself as an Elite Agent takes nous in marketing and advertising. What are the benefits of ‘in community’ brand presence as part of your strategy?

Building a brand presence in the local community is vital in creating longevity in your real estate career. Buyers and sellers will find it easier to relate to you as a person if they see you involved and supporting local events. It helps to build trust and credibility.

Q2. What sort of organisations and community events would you align your brand with?
Supporting local school fetes is the number 1 event I align myself to. This event attracts the largest community involvement, and is often held on a Sunday, which is the most convenient for our business hours. Several thousand people may attend a fete each year, giving great branding opportunity, while also supporting a good cause.


Q3. What sort of marketing mix works well for delivering a strong ‘in community’ presence?
The best marketing products I have found are branded marquees used at school events and branded rope up banners which can be hung on school fences.  Both provide high visibility and brand exposure.

Mark Diamond has proven himself to be a consummate professional dedicated to exceptional service and results.  We thank Mark for his time and sharing his experience with us.

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