Marquee signage: 5 tips to get noticed at your next event

Events, trade shows and festivals are some of the best ways to connect with new customers – but as these types of events get more and more popular, it can be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard!

As marquee specialists, our customers rely on us to design their marquee signage in a way that will attract new customers to their brand and maximise their return on investment.

So what can YOU do to ensure that your brand gets noticed? We share our top 5 marquee signage tips…

1. Ensure that your logo is placed on the roof

Marquee signage KooGas

The photos on this KooGa marquee are so realistic that kids often pose in front of it to get their photo taken!

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your branding, so it makes sense to place it in prime position on your marquee. Making sure your logo is noticeable in this way allows people to

spot you from the other side of the event – and helps you stand out from other companies with plain or one-colour roofs.

At Star Outdoor, our quality printing process ensures that your roof design will stay vibrant and clear for around three years, even in the harsh Queensland sun – so you’ll get the best bang for your buck!

2. Put your company name on the valance section

When customers are walking past your marquee and contemplating talking to you, it’s important that your name is clearly visible on the valance – so they know who they’re dealing with.

This means that when they chat to you and want to know more, or they try your product and love it, they’ll know who to get in touch with and tell their friends about!

3. Treat the back and sides of your marquee like an advertising billboard

Marquee Signage

Your marquee is a great tool to use when wanting to showcase your products and company brand

There’s a certain psychological element to encouraging people to visit your marquee at a trade fair or other event.

Why is that? Well, people don’t like to feel trapped, so the more information you can give them beforehand, the more likely they are to be drawn in to find out about your product. We recommend the following marquee signage ideas for the back and sides of your tent:

• List of features and benefits
• Beautiful, compelling images
• Persuasive copy that explains why people really NEED your product or service
• Or anything else that your potential customers need to know (and that will help convert them into a sale)

4. The sides of our marquees are easily removable – so you can customise your signage to suit different types of events

Naturally, it’s not always appropriate to target your different customer groups with the exact same sales message. For example, for our school marquees audience it’s important that our marquees are Cancer Council approved, offer a high SPF, are easy to put up, and can be printed with their logo and school colours.

But our corporate market cares more about marquees being durable, providing a good return on investment and being printed in a way that reflects the high quality of their brand.

Likewise, your own customer groups care about different things – and our easily replaceable sides allow you to target the concerns of specific markets in order to persuade more new buyers.

5. Match your marquee signage with a branded table cover – for maximum impact

Branded table cover | Ray White

A branded table cover adds extra ‘wow’ to your stand.

Once you’ve followed all the steps above, you’re pretty sure to blow your competition out of the water! But if you want to take it one step further, a branded table cover at the front of your marquee is the way to go.

This can be used as a counter to display your product or marketing materials, or even as a servery or shop front. It also adds some structure to the inside of your marquee and helps customers know where they should stand or pay.

And lastly… one bonus tip! (Because 5 just wasn’t enough.)

6. Ask us about our marquee attachments for adding feather banners or flag banners to the corners of your tent

Feather and flag banners will flutter enticingly in the wind, and add that extra ‘wow’ element to your stand – so you can’t POSSIBLY be missed.

Have you tried any of these tactics before? Have they worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Or feel free to get in touch with our team on 1300 721 877 for personalised advice on maximising your marquee signage and branding impact at your next event.

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