Corflute Novelty Items

Star Outdoor Corflute Novelty Items such as Selfie Frames and Big Cheques are a fun and modern way to promote your brand at any event.

Selfie Frames are a trendy and engaging promotional piece to get people involved with your brand and talking about them on social media. They are a lightweight corflute sign with a square cut out in the middle acting as the photo frame for people to pose behind.  Brand your selfie frame with the popular Instagram social media platform background or design it with your own artwork.

Big Cheques are large rectangular signs generally featuring information about a donation to a particular cause by a group or individual. They can be effectively branded to maximise your exposure.

Corflute Novelty Items are an awesome tool to get people engaging with your brand and posting it on their social media platforms. They are incredibly popular for photo opportunities at events such as festivals, sporting events, award ceremonies and community fundraisers.

Corflute Selfie Frames Signs and Big Cheques are a lightweight type of corrugated semi-flexible plastic available in either a 3mm or 5mm thickness. The opportunities are endless. Have an idea for a novelty corflute product? Send us a message and we’ll do our best to bring your idea to life!



Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre.


Attract attention with an engaging tool.


Can be used outdoors.


 Are a popular photo prop at a range of events.


Can print double-sided and is an affordable promotional tool.



Available in a range of standard sizes or custom sizing upon enquiry.

Selfie Frames:

  • 60cm x 85cm
  • 90cm x 1200cm
  • Custom

Our Corflute Novelty Items can be printed with single or double-sided artwork to match your needs. We use digital printing on our Corflute Signage to allow for full photographic artworks. Lamination is available on Coreflute as well to allow for writing on the sign with a whiteboard marker.

Learn more about our printing processes.


If your Corflute Sign has been laminated then yes, it is able to be written on in a whiteboard marker.

Yes, our Corflute Novelty Items use digital printing so they are able to print photographic images as long as they are high resolution. Our design team will check the file and contact you if there is likely to be any issues.

1 – 2 weeks.

Artwork Templates

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Novelty Items are a fun and affordable way to engage with your customers. Make an enquiry today.

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