Crowd Control Barrier Banner

Star Outdoor Crowd Control Barrier Branding (CCB Branding) is a practical and effective barrier and advertising option.

CCB Branding allow you to make effective use of prime advertising space on bare crowd control barriers. They are an excellent choice to take your event branding to the next level with business signage, promotions, tradeshows, sporting events, managing crowds and providing social distancing.

Crowd Control Barrier Banners come in a panel, drop over or fitted style to fit your needs. The panel style Crowd Control Barrier Banners feature eyelets to thread zip ties through when attaching to structures. The drop over style hangs over the barrier to give a double-sided finish and is also secured with zip ties. The fitted style hugs the barrier for a neat and tidy look. They can be made from high-quality PVC Solid, PVC Mesh, Fabric Solid or Fabric Mesh (scrim) material. They are durable, easy to transport and effortless to set up.

Crowd Control Barrier Banners are cost-effective for your event as they are durable and can be reused over and over again if they are cared for properly.

Our Star Outdoor team are experts in knowing the most effective design options to make sure your Banner gets your message across. Discuss your ideas with our knowledgeable sales consultants and we’ll help you Amplify your Brand with high-quality designs.



Designed for effortless installation with various finishes to suit requirements.


Attract attention with large format and full-colour artworks.


High-quality materials designed to be reused if properly cared for.


Indoor and outdoor options available as well as standard and custom sizes to suit requirements.


A reusable and economical large format advertising solution.


Size Specifications

CCB Panels are available in 2 standard sizes and custom sizing is available upon enquiry. Please note, we have specifically designed our CCB Banners to be slightly smaller than the barriers themselves for a taut look which creates a better visual. The Specifications are as follows:

  • Barrier sized 2.1mtr wide x 1.15mtr high = Banner sized 2.0mtr x 0.875mtr
  • Barrier sized 2.5mtr wide x 1.15mtr high = Banner sized 2.4mtr x 0.875mtr

Material and Printing:

For once-off or occasional use, we recommend our Fabric Solid or Fabric Mesh style Crowd Control Barrier Banners. The Fabric style uses dye-sublimated printing for sharp, vibrant colours and provides a matte finish suited for indoor events. The Fabric Solid has a block-out feature. We recommend our PVC Mesh style Crowd Control Barrier Banners as a more resistant option to the elements. Our PVC material uses UV digital printing.

Using the Mesh material options allow for airflow which is especially useful for long Crowd Control Barrier Banners.

The artwork size for the Panel and Drop Over branding is smaller to allow for the branded fabric to be stretched onto the frame making it look taut and professional. The fitted version covers the whole frame giving a tailored deluxe look. Panels and Drop Overs can be purchased in rolls or long lengths to cover multiple CCB frames at a time.

View our Fabrics, Finishes and Style guides below to compare options.


Fabric Mesh

Polyester Scrim 150sgm

Ideal for use in a CCB and Temp Fence panels and rolls.

Print Type: Direct Printing, Single side printing only.

Benefits / Recommendations: Perfect for short term use 30-40 event days. It is light and easy to pack away and attached. Can be folded and does not damage the print if creases. Vibrant colours.

Fabric Solid

Polyester double sided with blackout in the middle 225-250gsm.

Ideal for Rope Up Banners and CCB branding.

Print Type: Direct Printing, Double side printed option.

Benefits / Recommendations: If it is all about your brand and you don’t want any frame or reverse side print show though, this is the best for you. Also very user friendly as it rolls or folds up easily and the print stays looking good.

PVC Mesh

PVC Mesh 270-300gsm.

Ideal of Rope Up Banners, CCB and Temp Fence branding

Print Type: UV digital print. Single side printing only.

Benefits / Recommendations: The strong mesh option with 3 year print colourfastness. Mesh format allows for breeze to travel through the banner whilst still creating a good surface. Care needs to be taken when packing up and installing not to crease the banner or damage the print.

PVC Solid

PVC Solid 440-510gsm.

Ideal for Rope Up Banners and Hording

Print Type: UV digital print, double side print option.

Benefits / Recommendations: Strong and hard wearing with 3 year print colourfastness. Can have vents added to allow the breeze to pass through. Care needs to be taken when packing up and installing not to crease the banner or damage the print.


Cut edge + eyelets

The edge is cut with a hot knife. Only suitable for PVC.

CCB: Yes

Temporary Fence: Don’t recommend

Reinforced edge + eyelets

Strong reinforced edges helps secure the eyelets

CCB: Yes

Temporary Fence: Yes

Rope edge + eyelets

Extra strong reinforced edges with 5mm nylon rope sewn into the top and the bottom edge. Only suitable for PVC.

Velcro Edge

Great for banners that are stuck to a surface and need to be removed and changed with each event.

Styles / Formats


Ideal for events – for the best result make the panels 50mm smaller than the frame so that they sit inside the frame and can be tensioned using zip ties. This gives a taut professional look. Single side graphic only.

Rope Up Banner: Yes

CCB: Yes

Temporary Fence: Yes

Drop Over

Why just brand one side when you can brand both! Simple drape the double panel over the CCB and print the other side in reverse and you now have twice the branding as before. Amplify your Brand

CCB: Yes


Both the Panels and Drop Overs can be purchased in rolls for greater convenience and ease of use. Great for making bigger statement with your brand.

CCB: Yes

Temporary Fence: Yes


How to dress your barriers in style, the tailored jacked fits snuggly to the CCB and velcros down the sides for the ultimate look

CCB: Yes

Custom Size / Styles

If you have a special banner that you can’t see above please ask us and we will let you know if your outcome can be achieved.

Learn more about our printing processes.


We recommend strong zip ties to ensure your CCB branding is secure to its backing structure.


PVC (Vinyl) has a flexible rubber feel to it and a smooth/matte finish. It is a heavier and more durable material that is easy to wipe clean. The UV digital print will last 3 years. Best for long term or repeated use, however, it can sometimes get creased and damaged if not stored properly.

Fabric and fabric mesh is used outdoors and is ideal for single-use or limited multiple uses as they are dye sublimation printing. The printing is sharp and vibrant, with a satin finish. A benefit of fabric solid and fabric mesh is that they are lighter than PVC and easier to store or transport because they take up less space when packed up. Fabric and Fabric Mesh also present better for subsequent uses because they are easily folded and won’t hold creases.

Mesh material has consistent little holes in the material to allow airflow. This is handy on large banners so that it doesn’t block the wind which will cause tension on the banner and potentially rip it down. The holes don’t affect the clarity of the print when viewed from a distance. Mesh is often affiliated with a sporty aesthetic.

Our Fabric Banners are dye-sublimation printed and well suited to photographic artwork, as long as they are high-resolution images. We recommend 50-100dpi or files more than 3MB in size. Our in-house design team will always check the quality and let you know if we feel the print will not be sharp.

You are able to attach your Crowd Control Barrier Banner to an existing barrier structure using zip ties threaded through the banner’s eyelets. Alternatively, the fitted banner style is can be designed to fit over a barrier and hug it. Our drop over style is specially printed with half of the artwork upside down so that you drape it over the barrier and the artwork is correct on both sides. See the video below for how to set up your drop over banner.

2-3 weeks from the date of payment and artwork approval.

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