Deluxe Handheld Umbrellas

Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas are a practical and sophisticated method of Amplifying your Brand.

The value of a reliable and high-quality Handheld umbrella is undeniable come a rainy or particularly sunny day. Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas provide an essential marketing tool for your brand. A sturdy and protective Handheld umbrella with your brand and logo on it promotes an idea of reliability, preparedness and care in the mind of those using or seeing the product.

Handheld branded umbrellas make an effective promotional tool for your company. They can be provided as gifts to clients and employees or used as corporate giveaways, fundraising souvenirs to show you truly care about their protection.

Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas have been expertly designed with intuitive features for an effortless user experience.

Design your Handheld umbrella in block colours for a timeless and refined look or Amplify your Brand with effective branding specially implemented by our design team across the umbrella for maximum impact.

Our Handheld umbrellas provide a practical assurance of Protecting your Community from the rain and have the option of adding a shield from harmful UV sun rays with our UPF50+ sun protection backing feature.

It’s easy. Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas are a fantastic option to both promote your brand and protect. Our expert design team can help activate your brand. We understand the importance of maintaining brand continuity and will adhere to your style guide during the design process.




Push-button opens the umbrella automatically


An effective promotional tool for your brand when being used. Plus a stylish protective sleeve printed with your brand so it stays front of mind even when the umbrella isn’t in use.


High quality, strong, lightweight fibreglass ribs.


Available in various sizes and styles to meet all requirements.


Manufactured with engineer grade construction for a sturdy and easy to use umbrella.


Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas are available in either a circle or square shape with  3 different styles to suit your needs:


Our Handheld umbrella frames are made of a fibreglass shaft and ribs for longevity.


Star Outdoor Handheld umbrellas are available with either a single or double layer. Double layer umbrellas provide an extra layer on the top of the umbrella to allow for increased ventilation and airflow. The double-layer is recommended for sports umbrellas. It can also provide a sophisticated style choice.


Star Outdoor Deluxe Handheld umbrellas effectively protect users from rain and general shade. However, our UPF50+ sun protective feature is available to shield the user from harmful UV rays.

Protective sleeve Umbrellas spend most of their time in a car boot or cupboard just waiting for that rainy day. Keep yours in prime condition with a protective sleeve which also works to Amplify your Brand when the umbrella is not in use


30 units

We have an express 4week turnaround or a more cost-conscious 10 week turnaround.

We recommend 1 printed logo on 4 panels. This can be increased to all 8 panels if required, but this can appear overcrowded. We also provide branding to the protective sleeve so it’s Amplifying your Brand even when closed.

The silver backing is our UPF50+ sun protective feature to shield the user from harmful UV rays.

Our Handheld umbrellas are screen printed. This means it’s best to use simple logos and plain text.

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