Deluxe Resort Umbrellas

Star Outdoor Deluxe Resort umbrellas are a stylish option for indoor or outdoor use. Enjoy the highest quality product with intuitive features in a contemporary beach-style look with protection from the rain and sun.

Star Outdoor Deluxe Resort umbrellas are a stylish option for indoor or outdoor use. Enjoy the highest quality product with intuitive features in a contemporary beach-style look with protection from the rain and sun.

Our Deluxe Resort umbrellas are an effective option for a cafe or restaurant looking to build a casual and comfortable atmosphere, as well as for beach use for surf-clubs. Design your Resort umbrella in block colours for a timeless and refined look or Amplify your Brand with effective branding specially implemented across the umbrella to make maximum impact.

Star Outdoor Deluxe Resort umbrellas are built to withstand the harsh environment of the sand, salt, water and wind and have been expertly designed to ensure easy use and longevity. We use rust-proof high-quality materials and engineer-grade manufacturing to provide an effortless user experience and many years of service.

Our Resort umbrellas provide a practical assurance of Protecting your Community from the rain and general shade. It features a two part pole for easy of transport and storage and a spike on the bottom is optional for optimal use on the beach.

It’s easy. Star Outdoor has the perfect Deluxe Resort umbrella solution to match your requirements and budget. Our expert design team can help activate your brand. We understand the importance of maintaining brand continuity and will adhere to your style guide during the design process.

View our Spare Parts Sustainability Program.


Strong canopy attachment

4-layer attachment with stainless steel bolts.

Reinforced aluminium ribs

For greater strength against strong winds and 8 ribs on larger umbrellas.

Stainless steel double pulley

With rope for easy setup.

U-shape hook pin

For hanging rope out of harm’s way.

5 setting holes

With rope-holding locking pin.

Double lock-in system

To secure umbrella.


It is our recommendation for our umbrellas to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding safety requirements.

We strongly recommend you secure your umbrellas to prevent injury or damage to property. Umbrellas can be secured to the ground with In Pavement Sockets (IPS), weight plates or black heavyweights. It is our suggestion to have at least 20kg of weight per umbrella. However, this is subject to conditions and may require more.

Some local council regulations dictate the umbrella base must be fixed to the pavement. You can see if this applies to you on your local council’s website. Additionally, if your umbrellas are on private property you can also use IPS.

Heavy Weight Bag

Universal Weight Plates (2x10kg set)

Required to be used with water weight outdoors.

In Pavement Socket (IPS)

Our specially designed IPS is concreted into the pavement to allow you to safely lock in the umbrella when it’s in use and remove it when it’s not utilised. For your convenience, we designed a socket adapter for Star Outdoor umbrellas and will fit into existing pavement sockets.

LED Lights

Adding LED lighting to your umbrella ensures ultimate practicality for day to night time use.

Umbrella Cover

Recommended if your umbrella is used for the occasional event. Our protective covers will keep your umbrella safe from the elements and general wear and tear whilst in storage.

Umbrella Strap

We recommend using our Star Outdoor secure strap on your collapsed umbrella or when being stored to help mitigate potential damage.


We provide two stylish options for your umbrella frame for a timeless look, with a two-year warranty.




The style required for your umbrella can be dependent on both your style and size preference as well as council restrictions. Local councils regulate how far your business can impose on council property and this extends to the overhang umbrellas have. This is something you should check out on your local council’s page before making a decision.

Our suggestion: If you’re a cafe owner, the 2.4m square is a great option. Have a bigger area like a beer garden? The world is your oyster and you can go bigger!

3m and 2.4m Octagonal Umbrella

Umbrella Anatomy


Let’s get specific, what you’re using the umbrella for will help decide which fabric is used and the printing method.

Acrylic Canvas fabric for an umbrella which is going to be used frequently or every day.

Endurastar fabric is the most cost-effective solution for frequent umbrella use.

Polyester fabric for the occasional event umbrella. Learn more about our Fabric and Printing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Acrylic fabric has a 5-year colour fastness
  • Endurastar fabric has a 2+ year colour fastness
  • Polyester fabric is best for short term and occasional events
  • PVC fabric has a colour fastness of 10 years depending on the amount of time spent in the sun
Star Outdoor umbrellas are showerproof and have been effectively structured so water will slide off the canopy.

It is our intention for our umbrellas to be purchased in conjunction with their corresponding safety equipment. This means weight to hold it down! We strongly recommend at least 20kg of weight per umbrella, however, this is subject to conditions. Download the below link to view an engineer grade weight recommendation report.

Weight requirements

Our Star Outdoor water weights are a great option for our Resort Style umbrellas as they are easily portable and can be filled up with water wherever you are.

Certainly! The fabric you choose changes how you clean them however all of our umbrellas are able to be cleaned so they’re looking good as new. Our PVC fabric is the easiest to clean.

Order Process

Order Process

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Our Resort umbrellas are a stylish branding solution for both indoors and outdoors to provide protection. We have an option to suit all requirements and budgets so send us an enquiry or call us now.

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