Frameless / SEG Banners

Star Outdoor Frameless Banners are a modern and stylish signage solution to give your brand a sophisticated look.

Our Frameless Banners are a popular and chic choice which are effortless to set up. The sleek displays offer a high impact result when used at busy events such as retail displays and other occasions with heavy foot traffic.

Star Outdoor Frameless Banners are lightweight and incredibly space-efficient.

The Frameless Banner has been meticulously manufactured for a clean and professional look. The fabric banner is finished with a thin silicone strip around the edge. This strip is inserted into a groove in the aluminium frame, keeping the fabric banner taut and camouflaging the frame. Our Frameless Banners can be free-standing or mounted to a wall.

They are cost-effective to your business as you have the ability to regularly update the advertising content on the banner without needing to replace the hardware.

Our Star Outdoor team are experts in knowing the most effective design practice to make sure your Frameless Banner stands out. Whether it’s a single banner, or a series of banners promoting your message we will go the distance to provide high-quality designs. Discuss your ideas with our team and we’ll help you Amplify your Brand.



The silicone edge banner has tabs for easy removal and insertion into the frame.


High impact full-colour print to ensure you attract attention in a crowd.


Made with high-quality materials including a strong aluminium frame for a durable product.


A modern, professional and space-efficient display with single or double-sided printing options.


Cost-efficient and sustainable option of simply changing the banner skin when required.


Our Frameless Banners can be printed with single or double-sided artwork to match your needs.

Our Frameless Banners use a lightweight, durable and semi-stretchy 230gsm knitted Fabric featuring a satin finish for a high impact display. The material has a thin strip of silicone on the edge which slips inside the grooves of the frame. Our Fabric uses dye-sublimated printing. Learn more about our printing processes.

Size Specifications


The frame is made from high quality extruded aluminium with different profiles for a single or double-sided display. The aluminium frame has grooves to accommodate the thin silicone strip on the banner for a seamless look. Frames can feature on their own or be joined with others to create large format banners, ideal for branding exhibition booths.

Absolutely! Frameless Banners are well suited to photographic artwork, as long as they are high-resolution images. We recommend 50-100dpi or files more than 3MB in size. Our in-house design team will always check the quality and let you know if we feel the print will not be sharp.

Super easy! We supply the screws with an Allen key for you to secure the feet to the frame.

No! Our Frameless Banners are cost-efficient and sustainable because you simply keep your base and order a new replacement banner skin when you want to update the design.

2-3 weeks from date of payment and artwork approval

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