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Star Outdoor offers a range of inflatable products including Inflatable Dome Tents, Inflatable Arches, Inflatable Flags, Inflatable Furniture and other Novelty Inflatable items.

Star Outdoor offers a range of inflatable products including Inflatable Dome Tents, Inflatable Arches, Inflatable Flags, Inflatable Furniture and other Novelty Inflatable items.

Star Outdoors Inflatable Products stand out from the crowd with their unique and high impact designs. The standout appearance of our Inflatable Range will take your branding to the next level and allow you to maximise your exposure.

Star Outdoor Inflatable Tents are a practical and efficient option to provide shelter and a central point. View more about our Inflatable Tents.

Inflatable Arches are essential at sporting and fundraiser events. Commonly used as Start/Finish indicators, Inflatable Arches provide information and match the aesthetic of the event.

Inflatable Flags are your solution to large format portable flag banners. The ease of transport paired with effortless assembly in just a few minutes means you can stand out at your event with high impact designs and minimal fuss.

Inflatable Furniture provides a practical solution with a unique twist. From couches and sofas to tables and poles, we are able to provide a large variety of furniture in an Inflatable style.

We are also able to create other Novelty Inflatable Items such as bouncing castles and slides. If there is a product you’re looking for which we haven’t listed, please just ask us as the chances are we can do it.

Our Inflatable Range is an effective option for your outdoor event, sponsorship opportunity, sports carnival, product launch or tradeshow. They have been specifically designed to ensure maximum brand exposure. Our in-house graphics team will help you Amplify your Brand with expertly placed logos, graphics and brand names to make an impact. The inflatable structure is designed for an effortless user experience. Inflating takes just minutes with the small electronic pump (included) and can be set up by one or two people.



It is our recommendation for our Inflatable Products to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding safety requirements.

We strongly recommend you secure your marquees to prevent injury or damage to property. Inflatable Products can be secured to the ground with weight plates, weight bags, ropes and pegs.

Heavy Weight Bag

Rope and Pegs


Star Outdoor Inflatable Arches and Flags are typically manufactured using Polyester with a waterproof polyurethane backing. We offer a range of base colours including white, red, green and black. Our Inflatable products are available with dye-sublimation printing.

Printing: At Star Outdoor we offer a printing solution for any requirement and budget. Take a look at our printing, fabrics and colour page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable products are popular with outdoor events as they are easy to set up, eye-catching and stand out in a crowd. They are commonly seen at sporting events, fundraisers, product launches, festivals, tradeshows and sponsorship opportunities.
This depends on how big the structure is. However, assembly is an easy process with a small electronic pump (included).
Star Outdoor Inflatable Products are showerproof but we do not recommend keeping them out in a storm or extended periods of rain. We recommend allowing it to dry completely before storing it to promote longevity.

Yes, it’s easy! We offer a free artwork service. Just send us your logos and a brief description of how you’d like it to look and our creative designers will come up with various options which best represent your brand or message.

Yes, we supply a repair kit to patch up any small punctures.

Inflatable Products have a 3-4 week production turnaround once artwork is approved.

Order Process

Order Process

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