Outdoor Pull Up Banners

Outdoor Pull Up Banners are a durable advertising solution for outdoor events.

Outdoor Pull Up Banners are an affordable and reliable signage option for any open-air or outdoor occasion. They are the perfect maximum impact solution for high foot traffic events such as field days, markets, outdoor exhibitions or sporting events.

It’s Easy. Our Outdoor Pull Up Banners have been manufactured with a spring-loaded pole and extra-large feet which can be pinned to the ground for optimal outdoor use. They provide a seamless user experience with assembly and pack-down time taking mere seconds. The spatially efficient, lightweight style ensures they’re ideal for transferring from one event to the next with ease. The Outdoor Pull Up Banners can be stored in protective Carry Bags and easily transported.

Our Pull Up Banners are built to last and are a cost-effective signage solution. Have the option to update the material on the banner with your latest promotion without having to replace the hardware of the product.

Outdoor Pull Up Banners feature double-sided printing. Our Star Outdoor team are experts in knowing the most effective design options to make sure your Pull Up Banner makes an impact. Whether it’s a single stand-out banner, or a series of banners promoting your message we will go the distance to provide high-quality and eye-catching designs. Discuss your ideas with our team and we’ll help you Amplify your Brand.

Available in our most affordable Classic range or long-lasting Deluxe range, Star Outdoor has the perfect Pull Up Banner for any occasion. We recommend our Outdoor base with a double leg feature for outdoor events.

Only required for indoor use? View our Pull Up Banner for a versatile inside option.



Manufactured for a fast set-up and pack away. Comes with a carry bag for your convenience.


High impact full-colour print to ensure you attract attention in a crowd.


Made with large feet which can be pinned to the ground for outdoor use.


Benefit from the various base, print and fabric options available to suit your needs.


Invest in our Deluxe base for the cost-efficient and sustainable option of simply changing the banner skin when required.


Our Outdoor Pull Up Banner base features a double leg stand for increased stability.

Our Outdoor Pull Up Banners can be printed with single or double-sided artwork to match your needs. Our Outdoor Pull Up Banners use a durable Vinyl fabric. The flexible rubber material has a smooth, glossy finish and is easy to clean. Our vinyl fabrics are digitally printed. Learn more about our printing processes.

Size Specifications

Safety & Accessories

Pull Up Banners can often be damaged when taken on flights or sent by transport companies. It is our recommendation that Pull Up Banners are protected and stored in a Travel Case. We offer a Classic Travel Case to get the job done and Deluxe Travel Case for extra protection.


Vinyl has a flexible rubber feel to it and a smooth/matte finish. It is a heavier and more durable material that is easy to wipe clean and recommended for outdoor use.

Fabric is lightweight and long-lasting material better suited for indoor use. The printing is sharp and vibrant, with a satin finish. View our Pull Up Banner for the optimal indoor option.

Our Classic is the most economical option, and best for a single or occasional event. It can take a longer period of time to re-skin when replacing the banner.

Our Deluxe base is the best option for frequent use or if you know you will be changing the banner skin. The Deluxe base has been manufactured to feature an easy skin replacement cartridge system. You simply order a new banner and we send it to you in a pre-skinned cartridge which you exchange with the original one inside the base and it is ready to go!

The Outdoor base is designed for outdoor use with increased stability. Although it is not suitable for use in the rain. It is a double-sided print for maximum exposure and has extra-long, sturdy feet to prevent it from blowing over easily. We recommend the addition of weight bags on the feet for extra stability, especially on windy days.

Absolutely! Pull Up Banners are well suited to photographic artwork, as long as they are high-resolution images. We recommend 50-100dpi or files more than 3MB in size. Our in-house design team will always check the quality and let you know if we feel the print will not be sharp.

No! Simply keep your base and order a new replacement banner skin that can be installed. We highly recommend our Deluxe base if you intend on replacing the banner skin as it has been manufactured for a seamless replacement process.

2-3 weeks from date of payment and artwork approval

Artwork Templates

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