Outdoor Umbrella

Outdoor Umbrella

Star Outdoor’s Umbrella range provides the highest quality, engineer-grade umbrellas with intuitive features for easy use and durability.

Our umbrella designs have been curated to create maximum brand presence while ensuring ultimate protection from the elements. Star Outdoor umbrellas will protect from the rain and shield from the sun with UPF50+ sun protection features available.

We have branded and bare options to suit any instance, from everyday outdoor use at your café or restaurant, resort-style vibes, semi-permanent fixtures or handheld on-the-go umbrellas.

Star Outdoor umbrellas are built to last. We strive to provide an effortless user experience and have used engineer-grade materials and manufacturing processes to ensure longevity and a seamless assembly and pack-down method.

Amplify your Brand and maximise the potential of promotional space, or create a timeless look with block colours or stripes. We offer a range of fabrics and printing options to suit every requirement and budget. We take safety seriously. It is our recommendation for our umbrellas to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding safety equipment. Ensure you take a look at the essentials section on each product page to keep your community and property safe. Call us today to know more!