Wooden A-Frames

An Australian made Wooden A-Frame works to engage and inform your customers.

Our Australian made Wooden A-Frame is a sustainable option for a unique branding signage solution. A-Frames are an excellent tool for informing customers you are open, where you are located or Amplifying your Brand. Our Wooden A-Frames are a stylish and distinctive design to help you stand out in a crowd.

We know the importance of supporting local and are extremely proud of our Australian made Wooden A-Frame.


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 Lightweight but sturdy, easy to set up and will support itself.


 Unique design will attract attention.


Ply edges have been painted with a clear finish for weatherproofing.


Working towards a sustainable future.


Our Wooden A-Frame has been manufactured with high-quality Birch Plywood and are joined using Butt hinges and a chain spreader. They are self-supporting and space-efficient, making them perfect for day-to-day business or events.

The Star Outdoor Wooden A-Frames laser cut to include a cutout handle and bevelled feet for stability, so they are easily portable and effortless to set up.

Our Wooden A-Frames use UV Digital Printing to parts or all of the outward-facing surface. You have the option for timber grain to show through the print or extra print layers will have less show through.

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We highly recommend keeping your Wooden A-Frame out of the rain as it is not waterproof. Although the edges have been sealed for weatherproofing the Wooden A-Frame is not waterproof.

The Wooden A-Frame has a directly printed logo and depending on the layers of printing has the ability for timber to show through the artwork.

Wooden A-Frame: 4 weeks


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