What is the difference between promotional flags and banners?

Your company’s marketing campaign starts just outside its front door. Look at any successful store and you will discover that they all have one thing in common: they employ signage like promotional flags and banners to draw attention to themselves and their mission.

The two can be similar depending on how they are utilised, but the most significant technical distinction is how they are put up. Flags are held up by a pole that slides through a sleeve on the side, whereas banners are typically held up by eyelets or other supporting elements. Because they are pulled tight, street banners and banner stands are the most comparable to flags, however, they often include locations to hang the banner from the top and bottom, leaving the sides exposed.

To achieve success, you will need proper branding in the right place, just like any other kind of promotion. It can be tough to know what to put where to obtain the best overall effect if you are just starting out or looking to enhance the design and attraction of your business.


Here are a few examples of how businesses leverage feather flags:

  • Product advertisements: Large custom feather flags may be used to display mouth-watering images of restaurant meals, fresh produce from a supermarket shop, or beautiful new items from a retail business. They present the goods in an appealing light on a massive scale, ensuring to catch the attention of everyone passing by.
  • Brand awareness: Brand awareness is a vital component of establishing oneself, regardless of the industry you operate in. Flying flag banners may be used to promote your brand around your business building or in the surrounding region, such as in a corporate park. Fin flags can be used to display logos, product pictures, or specific advertising elements both indoors and out.
  • Sale promotion: Are you having a mid-year sale? To entice customers, display large, eye-catching advertising flags and banners at your storefront. Feather banners are easy to store if you wish to utilise them later.
  • Events: Find areas throughout the neighbourhood to set up feather banners if you are advertising for an event. Additionally, you may post flying flag banners around the buildings all through the event to let people know you are in the event. For example, putting the name of a major convention centre on the front of the building would let visitors know what is going on inside, and a hanging feather banner indoors may lead them to the registration counter.
  • Trade show: Feather banners fit nicely in at trade shows. You may use a custom feather flag to display them behind your stall or out to the side, making your business visible from all sides of the trade fair. Marquee poles can be used to hang custom feather flags. Promotional flags and banners frequently overlap or compliment one other during trade exhibitions and events.
  • Finish lines: Flags are widely used to designate the finish line of marathons and other events.
  • Wall Décor: Bright colours, elegance, and a variety of other features can be added to your space with an artistic shot of your product or a related design on a fin flag. Consider it like removable wallpaper or unframed photographs.
  • Adding personality: Flying flag banners are used by many city councils and municipalities to enhance their neighbourhoods. A simple sign that reads, “Thank you for visiting,” may go a long way towards making a city unique and attractive. Bali flags are fantastic for adding some flair to a town centre.

Star Outdoor offers a variety of customizable choices to choose from, in addition to the unique visuals that go into producing your custom feather flags. Making your advertising flag and banner double-sided rather than single-sided is one of the possibilities you will have to consider if you want to truly attract the attention of your customers from several directions. To improve the aesthetic of your flying flag banners, you may choose them in a variety of forms and sizes.

While it is true that selecting a smaller sign can save you money, cost should not be a consideration when purchasing custom feather flags. These items are already designed to be cost-effective, but they also get a marketing solution that might endure for years.

Flags come in a variety of shapes:

  • Feather flags: A feather flag features a pole that bends over the top and cloth that curves across the bottom, creating a feather-like form. They have spectacular wind movement and the ultimate flair for attracting attention. Logos, brand names and pictures look great on feather flags.
  • Teardrop Flag: The top bar spirals around the top of the flag, and the teardrop-shaped flag’s edge cuts diagonally from the pole’s end to the base. It is a little tighter than earlier designs, so it will stay put in the wind.
  • Hanging Flags: They provide the most surface area to showcase messages and images.

If you want promotional flags and banners that stand out and last, you’ll need to work with professionals. We’ve been providing a huge assortment of advertising banners and flags, as well as a variety of bright, long-lasting printed materials, for almost 15 years.

For expert colour matching, long-lasting vinyl, and high-quality printing, go no farther than your local studio. Contact a Star Outdoor now for more information about flags and banners, or to discuss which option is ideal for your business requirements.