School Marquees for Sun Protection in Schools

The majority of skin cancers are caused by over exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, and Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The number of persons affected by skin cancer can be reduced by limiting their exposure to the sun’s rays.

Schools must handle sun protection as a serious health and safety problem. Schools can play a significant role in prevention strategies as:

  • Children and adolescents who are exposed to the sun while they are young have a higher risk of developing skin cancer as adults. Skin cancer risk will be reduced in the future if children and adolescents are protected from UV exposure.
  • Students and staff attend school for most of the year, including during the peak of UV exposure.
  • Students and teachers frequently spend time outside.
  • Schools are excellent places to enhance UV radiation and sun protection instruction.

In every school’s sun protection policy and practice, providing appropriate shade is critical. When planning trips and other outside activities or events, schools should consider the availability of shade and other suitable sun protection measures.

It’s critical to make sure there is proper shade on the school grounds, especially in the outdoor lesson areas, popular play areas, assembly areas, and sports grounds/pools.

The Queensland Department of Education and Training recommends state schools design and implement a sun protection policy to protect students from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure by using school marquees and umbrellas wherever necessary.

Whether you are preparing for a school carnival, charity fun-run, emergency service group, or local council event, you have a need to Protect your community. Star Outdoor has been providing sun-protective, reliable, and attention-grabbing school marquees, promotional marquees, and custom printed marquees for 15 years for events just like these, and everything in between.

Star Outdoor’s branded marquees and tents are safe and simple to assemble, protecting kids and staff from rain, UV radiation, and wind.

Are you looking for simple or printed marquees for your school? Schools, companies, universities, daycare centres, the education industry, and kindergartens throughout Australia benefit from our shade solutions. Most schools prefer our 3mx3m branded marquees because they can hold a considerable number of students, are easy to carry and are budget friendly. Star Outdoor’s school marquees are perfect for school sports, presentation days, school fetes, and carnivals. Use your school colours and logo to add distinctive printing to your school marquee to bring your branding to life.

Here are a few ideas for how you might put your school marquee to effective use.

  1. School sports: Athletes put in long hours of training every day. School Marquees can provide shade and relief from the sun, whether they are training for a game or improving their speed, flexibility, and stamina. They are also used to help maintain the temperature of the field. Concrete sports fields absorb a lot of heat, making them hard to play on in hot weather. The use of custom printed marquees to cover these facilities keeps the temperatures pleasant and the conditions for athletes ideal. It is critical that staff and students on benches are not exposed to direct sunlight. It can cause dehydration and excessive perspiration, as well as disorientation. Temporary shade structures, such as custom printed gazebos and promotional marquees, do an excellent job of keeping them cool while also boosting the sport club’s branding.
  1. Carnivals: Sports and swimming carnivals, as well as other school events such as fetes, require a lot of shade. On these occasions, demountable structures like promotional marquees may be beneficial.
  1. School Bus Stops: Waiting areas at school bus stops, especially during the summer, should be shaded. Consider employing natural shade – printed marquees and branded umbrellas that give both UV and rain protection should be supplied where possible. Although school bus stops are normally part of the general streetscape and thus outside the school borders, demountable and portable branded marquees are recommended.
  1. Canteen Areas: Shade throughout the year is recommended for queuing areas. Custom printed marquees are the most appropriate option. Rain protection is recommended.

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