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It’s EASY… to innovate and bring your creative ideas to life It’s EASY… to ensure your brand’s integrity – we understand your brand’s value and follow your styleguide carefully It’s EASY… to get excellent return on your investment with our high quality, durable products It’s EASY… to let us handle national distribution logistics and receive bulk discounts It’s EASY… to change the message to suit your campaigns or objectives with our flexible signage solutions

productpromotionsector_toyotacricket_960x400Our high quality, durable outdoor promotional products are perfect for product launches, public events, sponsorship opportunities and more. When your client really needs to make a splash, Star Outdoor has perfect solutions to maximise impact. Combine multiple consistently branded products to increase your brand’s presence. Do you have a creative idea that needs to be brought to life? Call us today and we’ll make it happen.

What you can expect from us:

• Fast and responsive service – We understand the importance of critical agency deadlines and always deliver on our promises • An accurate portrayal of your brand – We understand the importance of brand guidelines and adhere to these at all times. • Expert branding advice – We will help you represent your brand so the end results are catered perfectly to your objectives, every time. • Delivery & Logistics – We will organise national campaigns including the delivery & logistics. We can also ship the product directly to your clients if required.

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Best uses for our products:

• Brand exposure • Product promotion • Point of Sale • New product launch • Event sponsorship • Event promotion • Awareness & Educational campaigns • Community support events • Maximise leverage from TV or Press coverage

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