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National / State / Grassroots Sporting Clubs, Cultural Clubs, Surf Life Saving Clubs, Fitness Facilities

It’s EASY… to cobrand with your proud sponsors It’s EASY… to let us handle national distribution logistics and receive bulk discounts It’s EASY… to create a consistent look with our free design service It’s EASY… to get noticed, build awareness and encourage support It’s EASY… to transport, set up and use all of our portable and durable products


Whether you’re a national, state or grassroots sporting club, cultural club or Surf Life Saving club, we have the solutions and expertise to provide you with outdoor products to maximise your exposure and get noticed with the added benefit of protecting your team or spectators by minimising exposure to harmful UV radiation at the same time!

We have provided products for many large organisations such as Cricket Australia, Golf Australia, AFL, Rugby and NRL, as well as local clubs. Do you have a sponsorship deal? We’re experts in co-branding. Call us today to bring your ideas to life.

What you can expect from us:

  • Easy to use products – We understand the importance of having products that are easy to assemble and transport between venues.
  • An accurate portrayal of your club–Get creative to encourage team pride
  • Durable products – We pride ourselves on quality manufacturing for long life and excellent value
  • Delivery & Logistics – We will organise national campaigns including the delivery & logistics if required.

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Best uses for our products:

  • Sign up events
  • Club promotion
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Match promotion
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Community support events
  • Maximise leverage from TV or Press coverage

Some of our happy customers:

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