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We’ve been using your marquee every weekend at various markets. I love products that are well designed to suit their purpose, and yours has delivered on that. It’s acid test was the very high winds we had on a Saturday at Kelvin Grove Village Market. At the high end of the hill, other stall holders were dismantling their whole marquee, and commented they couldn’t believe our marquee was not affected. We’d tied both rear marquee guy ropes to a bull bar and tow bar, and had your weight bags on each marquee corner. Massive winds, the tent took it, no problem.

What I loved was your wall design. With a zipper halfway along, you can choose to partly open the zippered wall from its base to allow the wind to come through underneath and take the pressure off the wall / marquee. Other marquees don’t seem to have that. We opened all walls enough to allow the wind to blast through at a low level, and we continued to display our products at a higher level. Our loose-leaf tea products would surely have blown away if we’d had to dismantle the walls or the marquee. In effect, your marquee quality and design allowed us to continue trading, which is all I can ask of it.

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