What Are Media Walls and Display Walls?

What is one item that you constantly see at big events? Display walls. Any athlete or celebrity may be found in photos posing in front of media backdrops that are covered in logos. A common sight at public gatherings, media walls are utilised for anything from press conferences to galas, fundraisers, and movie premieres. It’s a typical red-carpet scenario and provides the ideal shot for a photographer.

Media walls, additionally known as display walls, printed walls or backdrops, are the most straightforward and user-friendly Banner Wall solution on the market. A media wall is a fabric display stand that is set up at your event or location so that photos may be taken against a recognisable and branded background. It is ideal for formal gatherings, picture sessions, meetings, and advertising events. Media walls are available in a range of sizes and can be printed on either the front or the back.

Media Display Wall

Media walls or display walls are crucial to any significant sponsored event, offering anything from opulent red carpet photo possibilities to striking and eye-catching backgrounds. A well-designed printed wall may be a powerful marketing tool since it makes it easy to advertise your event, advance your event’s theme, promote the sponsors, and create photographic opportunities.

It’s important for media walls to make a fantastic first impression, but your awards ceremony, gala dinner, or branded event doesn’t need to be overshadowed by them. 

Any media wall or printed wall’s main objective is to promote your event’s sponsors and brand it.  Keep the design of your media wall from being too complicated by using too many logos or repeats and stay away from cluttered graphics or distracting pictures. Undoubtedly, less is more! The finest display walls often have a pure white backdrop with no more than four repeats of brand or sponsor logos.

Media Wall

To guarantee you catch everyone when they enter or have a spare minute, position the media wall either near the door or in a location that sees a lot of foot activity. 

To guide your audience, use a red carpet around the photo walls or media backgrounds. Additionally,  your display wall may serve as a beautiful centrepiece to announce the start of your gala dinner or awards ceremony.

Using a media wall at an event has several advantages:

• Professional but affordable look

• Ensuring that all event photographs include free branding 

• Replaceable skin, making the frame reusable

• Versatile for usage at occasions, conferences, exhibits, and product launches 

• Increases brand recognition during trade exhibitions

• Easy to carry and set up

A printed media wall may be used at almost any occasion. Organisers have the option of having it customised to their needs because there are several methods to style one. Display walls are typically used in these instances.

Printed Wall

Media walls serve as a showcase for kind sponsors and investors who have invested in your event to make it successful. It’s a fantastic method to fulfill your half of the contract without being overbearing. An excellent technique to integrate sponsor advertising into the event is through media walls. This necessitates a media wall with the sponsor logos lined up. Conventions, sports events, and concerts frequently feature this kind of display.

Perhaps your company is introducing a new product or marking an important milestone. The purpose of the media wall should be exposure, regardless of the event. Simplicity is the key to designing a  brand-focused display wall.

Printed walls can be used for activities that rely on support and exposure. We’re referring to charity functions, galas, and fundraising occasions. Media walls are used at events to draw attention to them so that when people post pictures of them online, it’s easy to identify the event.

Display Wall

At Star Outdoor, we offer many printed wall solutions that are ideal for use as a media wall. You may select from a range of sizes depending on the needs of your event, and our larger display walls can be constructed and customized to offer ample space for huge group photos. We also have a range of indoor and outdoor media walls.

The team at Star Outdoor is more than happy to help you with some ideas, so contact us today.