What Is A Market Umbrella?

Recently, the country’s café culture has experienced an explosion, especially in relation to outdoor dining, evidenced by the abundance of market umbrellas doted all over dining precincts. After the yearlong COVID-19 lockdown, more people desire to spend time outside. Cafes are widely recognised for their delectable food and welcoming atmosphere, which encourages people to mingle and establish acquaintances. The consumer now has more options than ever before, not only in terms of the astounding variety of coffee varieties but also in the variety of locations available. In fact, going to cafes is a more and more common pastime for most individuals.

market umbrellas
A modern twist on the traditional market umbrella.

A market umbrella, more commonly known as a café umbrella, is the best guerrilla signage available for your business. On the surface, they appear to be a straightforward and efficient way to provide shade or shelter from the weather, which is why restaurant businesses have been using them for years. A customised outdoor umbrella does so much more than provide shelter, helping you get your message in front of hundreds of onlookers each day. Placing your logo on a café or outdoor market umbrella is a proven technique to utilise unwanted branding space while highlighting the style of your logo. It is large-scale, fashionable and décor-enhancing.

Customers frequently choose branded café umbrellas to shield themselves from the weather. These enormous, extremely sturdy umbrellas are perfect for withstanding the daily sun without losing their fashionable appearance or feel because of their size and construction. Technically a market umbrella is an upright umbrella with a straight pole in the centre, historically providing shade and protection from the elements and now doing so much more. To maximise brand visibility, most brands now want to have their logo printed directly on each panel. In order to extend their longevity, customised café umbrellas must be stored carefully during strong wind events and dried off properly after becoming wet, but they often survive for a long time, making them an ideal investment.

Market umbrellas do have many applications. For example, they often double as a resort umbrella around resorts to provide shade and enhance the atmosphere. Market umbrellas are also used at events, especially in pop-up dining settings or as a coffee shop umbrella outside a mobile coffee cart. The durability, versatility and visibility of market umbrellas make them a valuable addition to your marketing strategy and ideal for use at events, resorts, bars, coffee shops and cafes.

Resort Umbrellas
An example of how café or market umbrellas are used in resort-style settings.

Café owners may require customised products to set their establishment apart from the competition and to match current trends in the industry. People enjoy change and new trends, so you may improve the atmosphere of your establishment by decorating your café with these coffee shop umbrellas in vibrant colours.

Your café will be clearly visible thanks to these large outdoor market umbrellas on the bustling street surrounded by stores of all kinds. These vibrant outdoor umbrellas are easy to locate for customers searching for a place to stop in the outside area. Coffee shop umbrellas give your café a festive appearance, improve the outside area, make it seem more attractive and entice frequent visitors.

Purchasing café umbrellas is a requirement if you are the owner of a café, restaurant, or bar or are intending to establish one. Here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting the ideal umbrellas for your business.

The first step before purchasing a café umbrella is determining the size that you require. The simplest approach to determine the size you need for a conventional centre pole café umbrella is to measure your tables.

After determining the size, we think about the material. There are many different materials that may be used to produce branded umbrellas, and they can be waterproof or not. The most popular ones are polyester, olefin and acrylic. The type of material used will ultimately decide the UV-R protection level provided, as well as whether the item is waterproof, fade-resistant and mould resistant. It will also determine the available colour selections.

In order to keep your customers dry, bar umbrellas are manufactured from a variety of water-resistant textiles. These materials are often linked to the market umbrella frame using metal or wooden beams. The bar umbrella will be held in place by a long pole that extends from the canopy to the ground. This section can be constructed in a variety of materials. If a bar umbrella is not intended to be put within a table or into soft ground for support, certain bar umbrella models may even feature a weighted bottom to help anchor its placement.

Branding is crucial to the success of a café; thus many of them decide to brand their coffee shop umbrellas with either their own brand or the logo of their coffee provider. You should also consider whether branding is an option if you want to use your café umbrella for advertising. Star Outdoor’s Café Umbrella ranges provide branding options.

Cafe Umbrellas

For optimum exposure, branding may be applied to each portion of the market umbrella’s cloth canopy, which will function as a print space. This print area design enables those around to see the branding that has been applied and the bar umbrella may effectively sell itself from any angle. Due to the high level of print quality that screen printing is able to produce on fabric materials, it is the most popular print technique utilised with café umbrellas. A brand may have its logo or company name printed using screen printing in a wide range of clear and sharp colours.

Further, we provide branded umbrellas in octagonal and square shapes and a range of sizes.

We only produce branded umbrellas,  making them the greatest café umbrella that can be made. The Star Outdoor Market Umbrella was created, manufactured, and tested to the highest levels of performance and quality. This ensures longevity and provides reassurance for customers who only want to purchase branded umbrellas they know will last in outdoor conditions.

If you feel a branded market umbrella could help your business promote your brand and passion in the community, contact us to discuss your needs.