What is the difference between polyester and vinyl portable marquees?

Have you ever wondered why some marquees are made of vinyl while others are made of polyester? When you compare the two, polyester has considerable advantage over vinyl as the best portable marquee material.

1. Lighter to carry (important for marquees for events)

Anyone who has carried a vinyl marquee will know that they weigh a tonne! While some weight comes from the frame, most of it is in the heavy vinyl canopy. On the other hand, polyester marquees are much easier to carry dueto their lightweight but strong fabric.

Polyester branded marquee

2. Longer print life (essential for branded marquees)

If you’ve ever noticed a scratched or chipped image on a printed marquee, there’s a high chance that the marquee was made of vinyl. This is because the print sits on top of instead of going into the fabric, and so it is exposed to damage. On woven polyester marquees, the print goes straight into the fabric. This ensures that it looks crisp for much, much longer to present your brand beautifully and professionally.

3. Smoother appearance (as every portable marquee should look its best)

When marquee canopies are folded together and put away, the material develops creases which should smooth out once the marquee is reassembled. In vinyl marquees, the fabric sticks together when stored, which results in a very crinkled look when the marquee is erected again. Woven polyester doesn’t stick when stored, which means it smooths out very soon after the marquee has been assembled.

For the best quality branded marquees, speak to Star Outdoor!

At Star Outdoor, we know how to make top quality marquees, which is why we use 600 denier woven polyester fabric on both our branded marquees and portable marquees. True to our brand, our experienced, professional team makes our marquees easy to use and easy to keep looking amazing. To find out what we can do for sun protection and outdoor promotion in YOUR organisation, contact us today or speak with our team on 1300 721 877.

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