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Outdoor events hold a special allure, whether it is a carnival, trade show, market stall, or corporate event. Branded custom marquees offer style and flexibility and create a memorable experience. These events are crowded spaces where every business vies for attention. 

But with a custom-made printed marquee or gazebo, you can draw in potential clients and seamlessly stand out from the crowd. 

Branded custom marquees do just that. They not only shield from the elements but also serve as potent marketing tools. In this guide, Star Outdoor explores marquee benefits, styles, and accessories, making your event planning flawless. To know why this is a must-have for any event, keep reading. 

Understand What Branded Custom Marquees Are

Branded marquees, also known as pop-up marquees and gazebos, make a big impact. They're not just for promotion; they're community protectors and passion promoters. With branded marquees, you'll shine bright in any crowd while staying sheltered.

Tailored to your needs, they flaunt your logo and colours boldly. These custom marquees don't just sit there; they grab attention, making your brand unforgettable. Whether shielding from sun or rain, they're more than just tents; they're your brand's voice in a sea of noise.

  • Crafted to fit your brand's unique style, incorporating your logo, colours, and messaging.
  • Grabs attention with bold branding, ensuring your message stands out and sticks.
  • Adaptable for any occasion, whether it's a corporate gathering or an outdoor festival.

How Many Types Of Branded Custom Marquees Are Available?

Custom marquees come in various styles and sizes to match different event needs. From classic pop-up tents to inflatable domes, there's a marquee for every occasion.

  • Custom-made Classic 32 marques or gazebos feature a reinforced aluminium frame and a durable polyester canopy with hot-taped seams for water resistance. Double-lined corners reduce wear and tear. Boast a UVE ARPANSA rating of 99%.
  • Get set up in minutes with easy clips and Velcro attachments. Adjust the height with five levels to fit your needs. Choose between wheeled or handled carry bags for convenience.
  • Stand out with expertly designed marquees and high-resolution printing options. They're built to attract attention and draw crowds.
  • Branded custom marquees are made with top-quality materials and high-grade manufacturing. Quick repairs can be made easily as spare parts are readily available.
  • Pick between Classic 32 or Deluxe 40 sizes and accessories. They're tailored to suit your needs.

Now That You Know The Features, Let's Talk About The Benefits Of Branded Custom Marquees For Events

1). It Upraises Your Stall's Professionalism

A printed gazebo or marquees boosts your stall's professionalism. Customers notice the effort you put in. They want top-quality products from businesses. It shows your brand is valuable, and you're building a name for it. This dedication shines through in your products and leaves a good impression on customers.

2). Help To Craft Brand Recognition

Your brand’s identity matters. Marketers know it's key to success. Your logo and colours spark emotions in people. They represent your brand’s beliefs. They tell customers what you’re about. It’s a chance for new customers to get to know you. Building awareness is vital. Especially when you're aiming for new customers. Marketers agree branding is crucial for success.

3). It Gives You Advertising All Around During The Event.

Your logo doesn't have to sit at the top of the tent; it can be on all sides. This way, people can easily spot it from any angle. Even if they're on the opposite side, they'll still know your stall offers something they might like.

4). Maximize Your Brand's Reach With Innovative Product Or Service Promotions

Crafting a standout promotion for your brand ranks high in consumer engagement. Whether vending lemonade or home goods, captivating passersby is key. A branded custom marquee serves as your stage. It beckons, enticing curious minds to pause and delve into your offerings. It's the ultimate billboard for your business, broadcasting your essence to the world.

5). Get New Opportunities To Expand Your Customer Base

Every business wants new customers. What if you could grab their attention with your brand’s logo on a branded custom marquee? Choose fonts and colours wisely to make sure your brand stands out to everyone.

What Makes A Star Outdoor Branded Custom Marquee A Must-Have?

Step into the spotlight with Star Outdoor's custom marquees. More than mere shelters, they're an expression of your brand essence. 

  • Crafted from premium materials, our marquees boast unrivalled durability and visual allure, as well as shelter from the sun and rain. Perfect for outdoor events, school carnivals, or market stalls, they offer protection with panache.
  • Designed for maximum brand exposure, our marquees feature strategically placed logos and graphics, expertly handled by our in-house graphics team. Built to last, they promise longevity and seamless usability.
  • What sets us apart? We specialise in creating marquees that command attention. Our design experts will help your brand shine, adhering to your style guide every step of the way. 
  • Attachments like Rain Gutters and Awnings boost protection against water and wind, adding extra peace of mind.
  • Available in Classic 32 or Deluxe 40 sizes, our marquees cater to every need and budget. Need spare parts? We've got you covered with LED lighting for round-the-clock functionality. 

Overall, It May Be Said...

Whether you're throwing a corporate bash, trade show, or outdoor festival, investing in a personalised marquee is a surefire way to make your event shine. Go with Star Outdoor for top-notch quality, endless customisation options, and unbeatable customer service. 

We're here to help you make a splash at events. Our large product range will ensure your brand is amplified to your audience. Whether you require perfectly branded with UPF 50+ sun-protective marquees, flags, an interactive inflatable, stylish umbrellas, or, bespoke deckchairs, we have everything you need in one place.

Let us assist you in elevating your brand, highlighting your passion, and ensuring the safety of your community.  For more information, head to our latest event and promotional equipment on our website today.