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Flying Flag Banners

Star Outdoor has Flying Flag Banners to suit your every need.


Star Outdoor has Flying Flag Banners to suit your every need. Choose between our Classic range of Flag Banners or speciality flags.

Flying Flag Banners are a popular and practical signage option with a flair for demanding attention. The eye-catching flags offer exceptional results when used daily to attract customers or at busy foot traffic events such as exhibitions, markets, carnivals and tradeshows.

Flag Banners are space-efficient, lightweight and easily transportable advertising for your business. Flag Banners can be assembled and dismantled efficiently in a matter of seconds and conveniently placed into protective Carry Bags for the next day or your upcoming event.

Flying Flag Banners are cost-effective to your business as you have the ability to regularly update the advertising content on the flag without needing to replace the hardware. Our Flag Banners Poles have been manufactured to feature a ball bearing mechanism to allow the banner to swivel on the base in accordance with wind direction (so your flag won’t get all tangled up).

Our Star Outdoor team are experts in making sure your Flag Banners will maximise brand exposure and stand out from the crowd. Amplify your Brand with a single flag, or ensure you’re impossible to miss with a series of flags. We will go the distance to provide high-quality and eye-catching designs which uphold your brand’s integrity.


  • Can be assembled and packed down efficiently.
  • Let your flags fly and stand out in the crowd with vibrant colours.
  • Double-stitched reinforced hems, canvas sleeve and eyelts to ensure it’s secured.
  • Wide range to ensure your every need is met.
  • High grade engineering to ensure practicality in windy environments and maximum brand exposure.


Our Flag Banners can be printed with single or double-sided artwork to suit your needs.


The following images display our current range of flying flag banners and their sizes.

Feather Sizes

Small, medium and large options

Teardrop Sizes

Small, medium and large options.

Hanging Sizes

Small, medium and large options.

Swooper Size

One size only.

Counter Top Size

One size only.

Flagpole Flag Size

One size only.


It is our recommendation for our Flying Flag Banners to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding accessories and safety requirements.

Spike Base

Required for grass or soil.

Cross Base

Required to be used with water weight outdoors.

Water Base

Required to be filled with water, optimal for use around pools and the beach as materials are rust-resistant and won’t stain pavers.

Plate Base

Available in 5kg ideal for small flags or 10.5kg ideal for medium to large flags.

Car U Base

Fits under a car tyre, optimal for real estate or car yards.

Sand Spike

Required for beach use.

Mount Kit

Floor mounts, wall mounts and marquee clamp mounts available.

Carry Bag

It is our recommendation that flying flag banners when not in use are in its carry bag.



Feather - Hanging - Teardrop

Classic Flags


Swooper - Signboard - Edge

Other Flags
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    No! Simply keep your base and order a new replacement flag skin that can be installed.

    This depends on what is going on the flag.

    The feather shape draws attention from its movement in the wind. It’s best to use it for brand awareness such as logos and simple messaging which is easy to read if it’s moving. We find feather flags are most effective when a few of them are fluttering in the breeze next to each other, making them impossible to miss.

    The teardrop shape offers a focal point for your logo, increasing awareness of your brand. Since the material stays taut at all times, the message is always clear to read. The hanging shape has a larger surface area to hold a more detailed message. It can flutter slightly in the bottom corner which hangs loosely but also keeps its shape with help from the horizontal bar along the top.

    Large banners are recommended for wide-open spaces where it needs to be seen from a distance, such as on the beach at lifesaving events. As they are very tall, we suggest single side printing to keep it lightweight – double-sided is quite heavy which can cause the flag to droop or lean over.

    Medium banners are the most popular size, and at 3.5m tall they are well placed to capture attention above a cluttered crowd level or be seen from a moderate distance.

    Small banners are slightly taller than a standing person, with a height of just over 2m. They are great for placement in non-crowded areas or can be mounted to a wall or marquee for extra height.

    The plate base is heavier which makes it more stable, but please consider transport when making your decision.

    The cross base is lighter and folds up and fits inside the banner carry bag making it easy to transport. Extra weights (water weight or black heavyweights) are recommended for use with a cross base.

    One is 10.5kg, which is suitable for use with all banner sizes. The other one is smaller and weighs 5kg which is only recommended for use with small banners.

    If a cross base is being used outdoors, the banner can blow over in a breeze so we suggest using either water weight or a few black heavyweights unless it is placed in an area protected from the wind. Plate bases have enough weight to hold the banner up outdoors, but it’s a good idea to use a few black heavyweights for extra stability if the wind becomes stronger.

    Our single-sided banners are made in a 130gsm knitted fabric and our double-sided banners are made with two layers of 74gsm silk polyester and a silver light-blocker in-between them.

    Our Glossy banners are made in a 130gsm knitted fabric with special technology to make them very shiny. When printed, the material is saturated with ink which creates a strong 100% show-through on the other side. The technicalities in printing on the glossy fabric mean that they are more suited to a simple logo, line and word artwork as opposed to detailed photographic designs.

    Single-Sided is best for feather banners as it is light enough to be affected by the slightest breeze, causing it to flutter and capture attention. The objective here is to attract attention, so it’s best to use it for brand awareness and keep the message simple and easy to read in the continual movement.

    Double-sided is made up of 3 layers – one printed layer on each side and a light-blocking material between the two (to prevent show-through). This makes it quite heavy, which can sometimes look a bit droopy on a feather banner if there is no wind to make it flutter. If using double-sided printed we recommend the teardrop shape as it remains taut at all times and drooping is not an issue. 

    Single-sided flags are approximately 40% visible on the reverse side, which is naturally a mirror image.

    These are used to secure the printed flag to the banner pole. Thread the elastic cord through the eyelets and wrap it around the teeth on the pole fitting, before tying a knot. Be careful not to pull too tight, as you will notice the banner shape-changing according to the tension.

    Our poles are made up of two or three lengths of high-quality fibreglass rods which plug into each other to create one long pole (much like a camp tent pole). Simply pull them apart at the joins and place them in the handy carry bag which protects your investment in transit and storage.

    We use high-quality inks imported from Italy to ensure that the banners do not fade quickly, but this is heavily dependent on a number of factors, including where it is used and how often it is exposed to the elements. In our harsh Australian climate, if the banner is used daily it will probably need replacing after 3-4 months. Used intermittently they can last 3-5 years.

    2-3 weeks from the date of payment and artwork approval