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Dust Extraction Tents

Star Outdoor Dust Extraction Tents are a safe and practical choice to protect your community.


Star Outdoor Branded Marquees are an eye-catching, high-quality and practical option to provide protection from the sun and rain.

We use our expertise in creating exceptional marquees to assist you in creating a compliant Dust Extraction Tent that is portable, effective in cleaning the air and provides a protected space for workers. Primarily, Dust Extraction Tents are necessary as a means of protecting from Silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling unsafe levels of silica dust, which is prevalent in the construction and manufacturing industries.

We prioritise essential features such as having sufficient lighting, and clear signage to ensure you meet your obligations and duty of care while also making an undoubted statement that you are serious about health and wellbeing.

Choose from the standard range in stock or customise and add your own branding. It’s easy, we offer a free graphics service.

Our expert design team can help activate your brand while ensuring safety is the top priority. We understand the importance of maintaining brand continuity and will adhere to your style guide during the design process. Dust Extraction Tents are made with our Deluxe 40 frames. Star Outdoor Dust Extraction Tents are made to last and can withstand the elements. They are manufactured with top quality materials and high-grade engineering to ensure longevity and a seamless user experience.


  • Can be set up in minutes, five levels of height adjustment, easy clips & velcro attachments, available with wheeled or handled carry bag.
  • Designed with industry-standard features to ensure you meet your duty of care.
  • Produced with top quality materials and high-grade manufacturing and a full range of spare parts available for quick & easy repairs/maintenance The robust Deluxe 40 has a reinforced aluminium frame, 600denier woven polyester canopy with PU backing (a protective film) and hot-taped seams to maximise water resistance,
  • Plus double-lined corners to reduce wear & tear.
  • Our Star Outdoor polyester canopies hold a UVE ARPANSA rating of 99%.


It is our recommendation for our marquees to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding safety requirements. We strongly recommend you secure your marquees to prevent injury or damage to property. Marquees can be secured to the ground with weight plates, weight bags, ropes and pegs.

For easy portability and protection, it is our recommendation for marquees to be stored and transported in either the Wheeled or Handled Carry Bag. Event Hard Carry Cases are available for ultimate protection as well. Rain Gutter and Awning attachments are available for extra protection against water and wind. Adding LED lighting to your Branded Marquee ensures ultimate practicality for day to night time use.

Marquee Clamp Mounts allow you to attach small flying flags to your marquee with ease. If you need to move your marquee without packing it down you have the ability to add Wheels. So moving on hard surfaces is easy.



Our Deluxe 40 is the benchmark in strength for portable marquees and has been cleverly designed to withstand rigorous conditions. It’s a robust marquee with a commercial quality frame that is ready for the worksite, beaches or party hire. If you can handle a little extra weight and have the hands to help set up our Deluxe 40 will provide you with undeniable toughness and longevity.


Deluxe 40 Frame

Our Deluxe 40 frame is crafted to endure. The anodized aluminium gives a robust finish to the frame and reinforced ridges provide additional strength. Combined with pinch-proof ring pull leg adjustment with 5 heights, pinch-free push button frame lock and a heavy-duty nylon footplate with steel reinforcing plate and holes to suit pegs.

Marquee Anatomy

The below guide explains the canopy terminology that we at Star Outdoor use when referring to parts of the canopy. Please refer to this if you’re struggling to describe how you would like your marquee to be branded.

Printing Options

Star Outdoor marquees are typically manufactured with 600d Polyester with a waterproof polyurethane backing. We offer a range of colours which have a UPF 50+ protection rating and our UV stabilised colours will stay vibrant for longer.

Print options for your branded marquee can be customised to your exact needs. At Star Outdoor we offer a printing solution for any requirement and budget. Take a look at our printing, fabrics and colour page for more information.

Non-Printed Colour Range

The below guide is our non-printed colour range, this should be referred to when looking at colour options for unbranded sections of the canopy.

For example if you are ordering a 1 valance print canopy, the valance can contain any colour desired however the rest of the canopy will need to be a colour from the range below. The same rules are applied for all canopy printing options.

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    • Our Classic 32 is a customer favourite for its lightweight usability and practical strength. We recommend the Classic 32 for most customers as a reliable, strong and durable marquee.
    • Our Deluxe 40 is recommended for those who can handle the extra weight and require a robust and significantly heavier marquee, particularly those in harsher environments like at the beach.
    • Our Classic 32 marquee frames come with a three-year warranty on manufacturing faults. It does not cover regular wear and tear, accidental damage or damage in storms and significant wind.
    • Our Deluxe 40 marquee frames come with a five-year warranty on manufacturing faults. It does not cover regular wear and tear, accidental damage or damage in storms and significant wind.

    Fact: We have customers who have purchased marquees 8-10 years ago, with the frame still function and just needing a freshen up on the canopy!

    Our estimates based on the average shoulder width:

    • 3m = 25 people
    • 4m = 35
    • 4.5m = 40 people
    • 6m = 50 people
    • 8m = 75 people

    Star Outdoor canopies are made from 600D woven polyester with a PU backing. It is lightweight, durable and holds a UVE ARPANSA rating of 99%. Traditional marquees were made in vinyl, which is a heavy material and creases easily. Our 600D Polyester marquees are more resilient to wear and tear and stay looking better for longer!

    Our marquees are showerproof. The canopy has PU backing, double-stitched stitching and hot-taped seams. It can withstand showers, but we do not recommend keeping it out in a heavy storm or extended periods of rain. It is also important to ensure the canopy is clipped on correctly so that water runs off and does not collect and create a pool. Do not pack your canopy or walls away if they are wet as the colour may bleed. We recommend allowing the marquee to dry completely before storing it to promote longevity.

    Yes, it’s easy! We offer a free artwork service. Just send us your logos and a brief description of how you’d like it to look and our creative designers will come up with various options which best represent your brand or message.

    We have a spare parts sustainability program. We supply a full range of spare parts which you can replace yourself.

    Yes, we offer increased quantity purchase discounts. Please ask someone from our sales team for more information.

    Watch the video here to see the magic happen!

    • 3m Classic 32 Frame + 3m Canopy + Carry Bag = 31kg
    • 3m Deluxe 40 Frame + 3m Canopy + Carry Bag = 36kg
    • 4.5m Classic 32 Frame + 4.5m Canopy + Carry Bag = 37kg
    • 4.5m Deluxe 40 Frame + 4.5m Canopy + Carry Bag = 46kg
    • 6m Classic 32 Frame + 6m Canopy + Carry Bag = 53kg
    • 6m Deluxe 40 Frame + 6m Canopy + Carry Bag = 62kg