Star Outdoor A-Frames are an eye-catching, effective and effortless advertising tool to help Amplify your Brand.

A-Frames provide a versatile and engaging signage solution which can present dynamic messages and directly point them in the way of your business.

They are a popular branding, informational and directional signage solution for a reason! A-frames are lightweight, making them easily portable and effortless to set up. They are also self-supporting, meaning they can be utilised anywhere and are space-efficient. They are great for day-to-day business or at busy events such as exhibitions, markets, trade shows, retail displays and carnivals and any other occasion. 

Star Outdoor has an A-Frame to suit all requirements and budgets. Choose between our Blackboard A-Frame, Metal A-Frame, Wooden A-Frame, Flip Frame, Snap A-Frame, All-Weather A-Frame, Corflute A-Frame, and Coreflute Signholder.

Our A-Frames have been manufactured with a focus on usability and can be set up and packed down efficiently in a matter of seconds.

A-Frames are cost-effective to your business as you are likely to be using them daily and some of the styles mean you can update the content daily.

Whether you are wanting to maximise your exposure or focus on the message, we are experts in knowing the most effective design options to make sure your A-Frame makes an impact. Discuss your ideas with our team and we’ll help you Amplify your Brand.



 Lightweight but sturdy, easy to set up and will support itself.


 Attract attention with engaging messages and design.


Built to last and withstand outdoor elements.


Wide range of styles to suit any application.


Normally used daily with most styles allowing for updated content as often as you like.


Choose between our Blackboard A-Frame, Metal A-Frame, Wooden A-Frame, Flip Frame, Snap A-Frame, All-Weather A-Frame, Wire A-Frame, Corflute A-Frame and Coreflute Signholder.


Our A-Frames can be printed with single or double-sided artwork to match your needs. We recommend double-sided printing to ensure maximum exposure.

Blackboard A-Frames with order quantities under 50 use self-adhesive stickers printed for each side of the A-Frame. Quantities of 50 or more units are able to be screen printed and have an 8 – 10 week turnaround.

Metal A-Frames and Flip Frames also use printed self-adhesive stickers for each side of the A-Frame.

Our Wooden A-Frame uses UV digital printing on the outward-facing surface. Depending on your preference and artwork design, timber grain can show through the print. View more about our Australian made Wooden A-Frame.

Our Corflute A-Frame, All-Weather A-Frame and Corflute Signholders use digital printing. Lamination is available on Corflute as well to allow for writing on the sign with a whiteboard marker.

Learn more about our printing processes.


The Blackboard A-Frame can be written on in chalk. The Corflute and All-Weather A-Frames can be laminated for use with whiteboard markers.

The Blackboard A-Frame, Metal A-Frame & Flip Frame have a high-quality vinyl sticker on the branded area.

The Wooden A-Frame has a directly printed logo and depending on the layers of printing has the ability for timber to show through the artwork.

The Snap A-frame is not branded – it is designed to hold A1 posters inside the frame.

The Corflute Frame can fit a printed corflute insert.

All-Weather A-frame uses durable compressed PVC inserts, corflute or ACM composite board.

Snap A-Frame: immediate dispatch

Wooden A-Frame: 4 weeks

All others: 1-2 weeks

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