Inflatable Tents

Star Outdoor Inflatable Tents are a distinctive and fun product to ensure you stand out in a crowd.

The unique style of the Inflatable Tent allows you to amplify your brand with high impact promotional material while practically providing shelter.

Our Inflatable Tents are an effective option for your outdoor event, sponsorship opportunity, sports carnivals, product launches and tradeshows. They have been specifically designed to ensure maximum brand exposure. Our in-house graphics team will help you Amplify your Brand across the tent with expertly placed logos, graphics and brand names to make an impact.

The inflatable structure is designed for an effortless user experience. It features four legs and is completely sealed, so there is no need for a permanent connection to an electronic pump. Inflating takes roughly 5 minutes with the small electronic pump (included) and can be set up by one or two people. The printable canopy and walls attach by zips and you can choose to have awnings over the entry points, or tunnels between tents to join them together.




Can be set up in minutes by just one or two people.


Stand out in a crowd with a unique shape and expertly designed inflatable tent ready to be noticed!


Made of strong polyester skins and sealed polyurethane bladders.


Modular design allows you to choose your configuration to suit your needs.


Quality fire-retardant and water-resistant fabric with a flexible design for maximum safety.


The size required for your Inflatable Tent can be dependent on both your preference and what the marquee is being used for.

  • 3x3m
  • 4x4m
  • 5x5m
  • 6x6m

Fabric, Printing & Colours

Star Outdoor Inflatable Tents are typically manufactured with Polyester with a waterproof polyurethane backing. We offer a range of base colours including white, red, green and black.

Inflatable tents are available with dye-sublimation printing.

At Star Outdoor we offer a printing solution for any requirement and budget. Take a look at our printing, fabrics and colour page for more information.

Essentials & Accessories

It is our recommendation for our Inflatable Tents to be acquired in conjunction with their corresponding safety requirements.

We strongly recommend you secure your Inflatable Tent to prevent injury or damage to property. Inflatable Tents can be secured to the ground with sand weight bags, ropes and pegs.


Inflatable Tents provide a unique and eye-catching option perfect for outdoor events, sponsorship opportunity, sports carnivals, product launches and tradeshows.

Not long at all. Inflating takes roughly 5 minutes with an electric pump (included). The canopy and walls attach by zips and can be set up with 1 or 2 people in 10- 15min.

Star Outdoor Inflatable Tents are showerproof but we do not recommend keeping them out in a heavy storm or extended periods of rain. It is also important to ensure the canopy is zipped on correctly so that water runs off and does not collect and create a pool. We recommend allowing it to dry completely before storing it to promote longevity.

Yes, it’s easy! We offer a free artwork service. Just send us your logos and a brief description of how you’d like it to look and our creative designers will come up with various options which best represent your brand or message.

Custom Inflatable Tents have a 3-4 week production turnaround.

Yes, we supply a repair kit to patch up any small punctures.

Yes, we offer increased quantity purchase discounts. Please ask someone from our sales team for more information.

Between 20kg and 50kg depending on size.

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Our Inflatable Tents are an effective advertising solution for outdoor events to gain maximum attention and provide protection. We have an option to suit all requirements and budgets.

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