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Star Outdoor Rope Up Banners are a popular large format advertising solution to make an impact.

Star Outdoor Rope Up Banners are a popular large format advertising solution to make an impact.

The affordable and eye-catching affixed displays offer an exceptional result when used as business signage, promotions, tradeshows, sporting events and so much more.

Rope Up Banners can be made from high-quality PVC Solid or PVC Mesh and is recommended for outdoor use whereas the Fabric Solid or Fabric Mesh (scrim) material is recommended for indoor use. They are durable and easy to transport. Star Outdoor Rope Up Banners have been designed with a focus on an effortless user experience. They are easy to install with reinforced eyelets along the banner to use with ropes or sail/rope track edging to fix the banner ensuring a straight line.

Our Star Outdoor team are experts in knowing the most effective design options to make sure your Rope Up Banner gets your message across. Discuss your ideas with our in-house graphics team and we’ll help you Amplify your Brand with high-quality designs.





Ideal for events – for the best result make the panels 50mm smaller than the frame so that they sit inside the frame and can be tensioned using zip ties. This gives a taut professional look. Single side graphic only.


Single side of CCB fence


Panel can be ordered in rolls to cover multiple CCB fence panels



If your banner is larger than 2 or 3 metres, we recommend having wind vents to allow airflow to prevent them from ripping away from anchoring points. Alternatively, they can be made in PVC Mesh or Fabric Mesh which allows wind to pass through the many tiny holes – this is especially useful for long fence banners.


For once-off or occasional use, we recommend our Fabric Solid or Fabric Mesh style Rope Up Banners. The Fabric style uses dye-sublimated printing for sharp, vibrant colours and provides a matte finish suited for indoor events. The Fabric Solid has a block-out feature. For outdoor use, we recommend our PVC Solid or PVC Mesh style Rope Up Banners.  Our PVC material uses UV digital printing. Using the Mesh material options allow for airflow which is especially useful for long Rope Up Banners.

View our Fabrics, Finishes and Style guides below to compare options.


Fabric Mesh


Polyester Scrim




Direct Printing, single side printing only


Fabric Solid


Polyester Double Side with Blackout inbetween




Direct Printing, double side printing option


Vinyl Mesh


PVC Vinyl Mesh




HP Digital Print, single side printing only


Vinyl Solid


PVC Solid




HP Digital Print, double side printing option



Rope edge + eyelets

Extra strong reinforced edges with 5mm nylon rope sewn into the top and bottom edge, only suitable for PVC.

Frequently Asked Questions

PVC (Vinyl) has a flexible rubber feel to it and a smooth/matte finish. It is a heavier and more durable material that is easy to wipe clean. The UV digital print will last 3 years. Best for long term or repeated use, however, it can sometimes get creased and damaged if not stored properly. Fabric and fabric mesh is used outdoors and is ideal for single-use or limited multiple uses as they are dye sublimation printing. The printing is sharp and vibrant, with a satin finish. A benefit of fabric solid and fabric mesh is that they are lighter than PVC and easier to store or transport because they take up less space when packed up. Fabric and Fabric Mesh also present better for subsequent uses because they are easily folded and won’t hold creases.
Mesh material has consistent little holes in the PVC or fabric to allow airflow. This is handy on large banners so that it doesn’t block the wind which will cause tension on the banner and potentially rip it down. The holes don’t affect the clarity of the print when viewed from a distance. Mesh is often affiliated with a sporty aesthetic
Air vents or wind vents help to improve the airflow on your banner. They are semi-circle flaps in the banner which allow wind to flow through them, similar to mesh. They help to ensure your banner does not rip or pull away from its anchor points in the wind. We strongly recommend having vents in large banners 2m – 3m and bigger.

Our Fabric Rope Up Banners are dye-sublimation printed and well suited to photographic artwork, as long as they are high-resolution images. We recommend 50-100dpi or files more than 3MB in size. Our in-house design team will always check the quality and let you know if we feel the print will not be sharp.

You are able to attach your banner to a fence or structure using ropes or zip ties threaded through the banner’s eyelets. Alternatively, the banner can be designed to fit new or existing sail tracks. Please inform us at the time of enquiry if you desire sail or rope tracks on your banner.

Branded marquees have a 2-3 week production turnaround once artwork is approved.


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