Wind Barriers

Star Outdoor Wind Barriers provide practical protection while promoting your brand.

Star Outdoor Wind Barriers, also known as Breeze Barriers, are a versatile, sturdy and self-supporting essential. They can be specifically configured to make the most of your space and are an excellent barrier against the weather, as well as distinguishing a neat boundary for your area.

Wind Barriers can provide a sophisticated signage solution with their branding options. Keep it simple with your logo or brand name, or maximise the space with ongoing promotions across several Wind Barriers for a dynamic look. Fulfil your branding potential by pairing your Cafe Umbrellas with a complementary Wind Barrier to solidify your customer recognition.

Wind Barriers are perfect for outside cafes, restaurants, bars, catered events, markets, trade shows and carnivals!

Star Outdoor offers two styles of Wind Barriers to suit any requirements. The Classic Wind Barrier is a straight-edged Cafe Wind Barriers with a fixed insert. The branded skin is permanently attached to the stylish square or rectangular frame with a matching powder coated sail track. It thrives as a stand-alone Wind Barrier or can be linked with another to create a corner. Our Wind Barriers can be screen printed on a range of stock colours or digitally printed for custom artwork.

Our Classic Wind Barrier Jacket is a fabric jacket designed to fit over an existing wind barrier, this is the most affordable option to breathe life back into existing products you might have. The fabric jacket is made of a stretchy fabric that is placed over a wind barrier frame. It’s durable, easy to slip on and off a frame and the full photographic print quality means you can go all out with your artwork!

Our Classic Wind Barrier Frame has been manufactured with a primary focus on sturdiness and usability in terms of interlocking. Wind Barriers are able to be effortlessly connected with others with the double foot interlock at a 90-degree angle for greater stability. Star Outdoor also offers plain black Wind Barriers with plain black inserts which are available for immediate despatch if required.




Supplied as a fully assembled frame with branded insert.


 Attract and build brand recognition. Complements Cafe Umbrellas perfectly!


Built to last and withstand outdoor elements, especially wind.


Ability to interlock to create a corner or a neat boundary for your space.


Protect from harsh and cold winds while amplifying your brand!



Choose between our Classic Wind Barrier and Classic Wind Barrier Jacket to suit your requirements!

Available in two sizes that can be interlocked

  • 1m x 0.9m
  • 2m x 0.9m


We recommend the powder-coated steel Black Frame for a sophisticated style, however other colours are available upon enquiry.


Available in PVC material. Our PVC Black has a smooth and stylish matte finish on the front and back and our other PVC colours are a glossy front and matte back finish. Our PVC fabric is able to use screen printing for a simple design or digital printing for multicoloured or photographic artwork.

Also available in Acrylic canvas. If you already have Cafe Umbrellas we highly recommend using the acrylic canvas for a consistent look. Available in a range of stock colours with screen printing only.

Learn more about our fabric and printing processes.

Safety & Essentials

  • Single Foot
  • Double Foot

Star Outdoor Wind Barriers are available as a single or double foot. The double foot allows for interlocking with additional Wind Barriers to either create a line or make a corner. The corner or right-angle provides the greatest stability

We strongly recommend that you secure your Wind Barrier to prevent injury to people and/or damage to property.

Either fix them to the ground with bolts or use weights. As a guide (but subject to conditions) we suggest having at least 20kg of weight per Wind Barrier. We recommend using weight bags on the legs for increased stability or our Universal Weight Plates. Store the Wind Barrier during strong winds and storms.


PVC has a flexible rubber feel to it with a smooth/glossy finish – making it durable for outdoor use and easy to wipe clean. It is available in a range of stock colours which can be screen-printed, or you can have it digitally printed for more complex graphics / photographic/multicolour artwork.

Acrylic is a high-quality canvas-like fabric. If you are having acrylic umbrellas made, we recommend using the same acrylic in the wind barriers for consistency.

Our Classic Wind Barrieris a stylish and conventional wind barrier with a printed insert inside. It comes assembled for you

Our Classic Wind Barrier Jacket is a fabric jacket that slips over your existing round style barrier to refresh outdated signage without paying for new hardware.

Unfortunately, most wind barriers are not designed to be re-skinned – the inserts are riveted to the frame. If you already have barriers, we recommend choosing the Classic Wind Barrier Jacket which is a fabric jacket which stretches over the barrier.

Yes – but consider how they will be used. If your patrons are sitting right up against the barrier, there is little use for signage as it will be obstructed. This may be an added cost you don’t need to incur.

We are able to supply other colours, depending on your requirements – please enquire.

It is our strong recommendation that you secure your barriers to meet your duty of care and prevent injury to people and/or damage to property. Either fix them to the ground with bolts or use our black heavyweight bags or Universal Weight Plate. As a guide, but subject to conditions, we suggest having at least 20kg of extra weight per barrier. Store the barriers during strong winds and storms.

Use a double foot to interlock two barriers at right angles, which naturally creates greater stability and protects them from blowing over or being knocked over easily, as well as creating a corner boundary.

3-4 weeks standard 8-10 week at discount pricing

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