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Get ready to find incredible deals on outdoor branding solutions! Our warehouse sale features a limited stock of top-quality products at unbeatable prices.

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(Does not include frame)

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Add a marquee frame and carry bag to your order and get 10% off these items!


(Does not include flag poles or carry bag)

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Limited stock available


  • Print: Single Sided
  • Style: Feather
  • Sizes: Small & Medium
  • Print: Double Sided
  • Style: Feather
  • Sizes: Small & Medium
  • Print: Single Sided
  • Style: Feather
  • Sizes: Small & Medium
  • Print: Double Sided
  • Style: Feather
  • Sizes: Small
  • Print: Single Sided
  • Style: Feather
  • Sizes: Small
  • Print: Double Sided
  • Style: Hanging
  • Sizes: Medium

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which marquee frame is right for me?
    • Our Classic 32 is a customer favourite for its lightweight usability and practical strength. We recommend the Classic 32 for most customers as a reliable, strong and durable marquee.
    • Our Deluxe 40 is recommended for those who can handle the extra weight and require a robust and significantly heavier marquee, particularly those in harsher environments like at the beach.
    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we offer increased quantity purchase discounts. Please ask someone from our sales team for more information.

    Fact: We have customers who have purchased marquees 8-10 years ago, with the frame still function and just needing a freshen up on the canopy!

    Can you repair my marquee?

    We have a spare parts sustainability program. We supply a full range of spare parts which you can replace yourself.

    What is the canopy made from?

    Star Outdoor canopies are made from 600D woven polyester with a PU backing. It is lightweight, durable and holds a UVE ARPANSA rating of 99%. Traditional marquees were made in vinyl, which is a heavy material and creases easily. Our 600D Polyester marquees are more resilient to wear and tear and stay looking better for longer!

    Is it waterproof?

    Our marquees are showerproof. The canopy has PU backing, double-stitched stitching and hot-taped seams. It can withstand showers, but we do not recommend keeping it out in a heavy storm or extended periods of rain. It is also important to ensure the canopy is clipped on correctly so that water runs off and does not collect and create a pool. Do not pack your canopy or walls away if they are wet as the colour may bleed. We recommend allowing the marquee to dry completely before storing it to promote longevity.

    Can you help me with the design?

    Yes, it’s easy! We offer a free artwork service. Just send us your logos and a brief description of how you’d like it to look and our creative designers will come up with various options which best represent your brand or message.

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