How to design gazebo or your promotional printed marquees

Promotional Marquee / Gazebo

A custom printed marquee of excellent quality can help improve your brand image with prospective customers. Businesses should invest in promotional marquees and umbrellas. Our custom printed marquees and branded marquee solutions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Star Outdoor provides three varieties of branded marquees that are meticulously developed and printed utilizing dye-sublimation, screen printing, and our most recent UV-digital print technology. Schools, organizations, sporting events, and athletic groups will benefit from these printed marquees. Creating custom printed marquees and gazebos is an excellent method to increase brand awareness and take advantage of free promotional space. They not only protect your community from the blazing sun, but they also give your business a tremendous amount of brand exposure. 

Promotional Marquee / Gazebo
Design your own promotional Marquee / Gazeebo

Our products are manufactured to Australian safety requirements with the goal of giving you a perfect custom printed marquee that is spectacular and vibrant, making you stand out at any event. We can supply a variety of outdoor branding solutions with full-colour printing options. Our design team will work with you to create unique bespoke promotional marquees that will wow potential consumers and corporate event guests.

  • Screen Printing

Screen printing has been around for hundreds of years. One of the primary methods that we use to brand our printed marquees is called screen printing. Screen printing involves pressing ink through a stencilled artwork screen to create the print on the fabric surface. Screen printing allows for a few vivid colours to be used across a range of colour bases, including darker tones. A new stencil is used for each colour used in the artwork and applied as individual layers to the branded marquee’s fabric surface.  Screen printing is available with our Acrylic, Polyester 600D, EnduraStar 600D, Endurastar 900D and PVC fabrics.

  • Dye-Sublimation Printing

The fundamental advantage of dye-sublimation is that there are no restrictions on what may be printed on the promotional marquee. This means that anything may be incorporated into the design, so you don’t have to be concerned about image size or the number of colours influencing the design or price. Designs can be fully customised in this manner, and complicated components such as full-colour pictures can be included. This type of printing is suitable with our Polyester 600D and EnduraStar polyester 900D.

Dye-sublimation printing enables vibrant colours and a focus on smaller details on our printed marquees. It is suitable for printing brightly coloured and photographic artwork on the business gazebo. Dye-sublimation printing is a type of heat transfer printing in which ink is deposited into white yarn fibres using heat and pressure. The end result is a smooth and realistic piece of art with brilliant colours and crisp lines. Dye-sublimation print has a colourfastness of 4-6 months, making it an excellent choice for school marquees, business marquees, events or sporadic use.

  • UV Digital Print

UV digital print is used for our EnduraStar Polyester 900D and PVC with a white or with block base. The PVC white base with block allows for double-sided printing. 

When the ink comes into contact with the fabric, UV digital printing uses ultraviolet light (UV light) to dry or cure it nearly instantly. Since the ink does not have time to soak into the cloth before drying when it is printed onto it, the UV light dries it immediately. This enables finer lines and details on the business marquee so the ink does not have time to sink into the fabric before drying. UV digital printing produces sharper colours with a gloss finish, as well as greater weather resistance and durability, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Our graphic designers can help you create custom designs for your branding on a canopy, business gazebo or business marquee, back wall, full wall, or full-colour printing for your next event. They also assist with logo tracing JPG/PNG to Vector We also offer design services for all of our other products, such as A-frames, pull-up banners, wind barriers, exhibition walls, school marquees and more!

Our corporate marquees are suitable for outdoor usage. While you are shielded from the heat and glare of the sun, these promotional marquees are fighting a losing battle against the sun’s intense UV rays. As a result, low-quality ink fades fast and generates poor-quality printouts. At Star Outdoor, we only use high-quality inks in our printed marquees.

Printed Marquees

You’ll need to invest in the necessary equipment to achieve and maintain a fantastic corporate marquee. As with anything, there are long-lasting, high-quality solutions that cost a little more upfront, and then there are the less expensive shortcuts.

It is worthwhile to conduct some study before deciding on the best fabric, colours, and printing methods to bring your business marquee to life.  Luckily, we have made that process simpler for you. Our sales team members will guide you through every step, right from picking the right fabric to designing the logo and selecting the printing process.

Contact us today if you want to organize a custom printed marquee or a business gazebo and we’ll show you the benefits of investing in a game-changing product.