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Minimum Order Quantity x 100 units

Star Outdoor Merch Products are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness at tradeshows, events and other functions.

Branded merchandise can be highly effective for both promoting a business and expressing gratitude to customers.

Unlike in-your-face ads, branded merchandise is low-key but effective. It’s like your brand whispering sweet nothings to your customers, reminding them that you exist. 

Quality branded merchandise makes your brand look good. When your customers see you’re all about the good stuff, they’ll associate your business with quality and thoughtfulness. 

People love sharing stuff they like on social media. So, when they post pics of your branded gear, you get extra free advertising, compliments of your happy customers. 

Showing appreciation can be the secret sauce to getting repeat business. Customers who feel valued are like old friends; they come back for more. 

So, whether it’s making your brand the life of the party or making your customers feel warm and fuzzy inside, these branded goodies have you covered. They’re like the friendly, helpful neighbour who always brings a smile to your face. 

As part of our commitment to becoming more sustainable we have only selected products that will be helpful and used time and time again. Every item is made with high-grade materials which will not only endure the test of time but also align with your brand’s values and association with quality. 

We have considered how each product works individually and how they can be mix and matched to create thoughtful and practical packages. We hope you enjoy finding the perfect selection for your clients afterall, happy customers are like enthusiastic cheerleaders. When they get awesome gifts, they’re more likely to cheer about your business to co-workers, friends, and family.

SPORTS TOWEL – available in two thicknesses and both are super soft. These towels are not limited to the beach, take them to sports events, the gym or, the pool! 

INSULATED WATER BOTTLE – a 600ml bottle is a great size for taking out and about. Choose the perfect lid that suits your clients’ needs and reflects your brand’s style.  

BUCKET HAT – a practical and easy-to-wear option out in the sunshine. This hat is reversible so your brand will always be on display. 

BASEBALL CAP – a popular choice for summer days to protect faces from the sun. An adjustable velcro strap means this style will suit most head sizes.  

COOLER BAG – the capacity of this bag provides enough space for drinks and food but, its compact size means that it won’t be too heavy to carry around all day. 

WINE COOLER – with enough space for two bottles of wine this bag is perfect to take to outdoor events or, BBQs. 



Bucket Hat

Baseball Cap

Water Bottle

Wine Cooler Bag

Cooler Bag

Sports Towel

Baseball Cap & Bucket Hat

Reversible Bucket Hat, Custom Design Inside and Out

One Size Fits All Baseball Cap

Cooler Bag

Insulated Black Cooler Bag

Wine Cooler Bag

Insulated Black Wine Cooler Bag

Water Bottle

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Lid Options


Stainless Steel

Black Straw

Clear Straw

Sports Towel

Option 1: Heavy, Absorbant, Slow Drying

Option 2: Light, Absorbant, Fast Drying


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s easy! We offer a free artwork service. Just send us your logos and a brief description of how you’d like it to look and our creative designers will come up with various options which best represent your brand or message.

Yes, we offer increased quantity purchase discounts. Please ask someone from our sales team for more information.

Our merch products have a 8-10 week production turnaround once artwork is approved.

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Order Process

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