How Much Do Media Display Walls Cost?

With social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook having such a high degree of exposure in  everyday life, you can be positive that exhibiting  media walls, display walls or a photo wall at your event will deliver branding and promotion, while also serving as a fantastic spot for selfies. The images shot in front of media walls at this event will continue to reach audiences long after the event, as well as potential clients you never expected to see, via social media shares and postings.

Our printed walls, and media wall banners are a terrific alternative to regular pull-up banners. These portable display walls are simple to set up and attract attention, thanks to their lightweight tube frame and colour fabric skin. We can design and produce the right custom media wall for conferences, trade events, and exhibits. Our branded media walls come with a carry case, making them incredibly portable and sturdy. Our media wall skins are an excellent solution for professional picture backdrops.  For the finest background display, splash your logos, sponsor logos, phrases, or photographs  throughout your media wall. Allow each photographer and spectator to take a fantastic shot of individuals standing in front of the media wall.

We can design and install any size display wall you require, as well as custom branding on your printed walls. There are options for single-sided, double-sided, black backing, white backing and block out fabric.

Our printed walls are constructed from a high-quality click-together aluminium frame that takes only minutes to assemble, because all you need to do is slip the stretch fabric design over the top and zip up at the  bottom for a stunning finish. They are the most straightforward media backgrounds to set up. Anyone  can put them together because of the snap-together frame.

Our media walls come with heavy duty carry bags to keep them protected and making them easy to  transport. You can choose from white backing, black backing, single sided, double sided or blockout  fabric. 

Is your company preparing for a big event? One in which all its target customers will be present? Or perhaps a bunch of new potential customers? Maybe it’s an event hosted by your company to  promote its sponsors. Imagine a line of people forming in front of your branded media wall to take photos with their co-workers so they can post about their attendance at your event on social media  and share it with their network. What better approach to increase brand recognition than to invest in a display wall that can be reused at several events with various skins?

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Media Wall

To attach the skin to a display wall, slide it onto the frame and then pull it downwards. This will help  cover the entire frame and provide the desired finish for your event. To avoid wrinkles and tears, it’s  best to set it up with the help of another person.

A Media Wall should not be placed outside. This is due to its inability to handle sudden bursts of wind.  Despite having stable feet underneath, this will cause it to fall over. Because of this, it is only recommended to use it indoors. If you need your printed wall to be displayed outside, we  recommend our outdoor media wall, which has a sturdy weighted frame to help it  withstand harsh weather.

To remove creases from the skin, use a steamer, which will remove the wrinkles instantly. Another option is to use an iron to complete the task. Simply use an ironing cloth instead of directly touching the fabric with the warm iron. Clean your display wall skin in the washing machine on a cold or warm  cycle with liquid detergent. Return it to the frame to dry or hang it to dry away from the sun. It’s not  advisable to put it in a dryer.

Our customers return due to our dynamic printing processes, complementary graphic assistance and  5-star customer service.

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