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3 Branding Pitfalls that’s Preventing Your Brand from Standing Out at Outdoor Events

In bustling outdoor events, promotional products or branded merchandise help in doubling down on brand visibility and recognition. However, if promotional products are not used correctly a company can face brand misrepresentation and wasted investment. To help businesses avoid these costly errors, here are three common mistakes to steer clear of when using promotional products at outdoor events:

Poorly designed products

Poor design choices can lead to confusion or worse, misinterpretation of your brand’s message. Choosing colours based on personal preference or current trends may not always work in your favour since your existing branding materials should be designed with your target audience in mind. Fonts, too, can impact the readability and credibility of your message. If they’re too small, condensed, or difficult to read, people who may be viewing your products from a distance could quickly dismiss your brand and message.

Poor placement against the natural environment

Outdoor events often take place in visually stunning locations like parks and beaches. Not taking these surroundings into consideration when placing promotional products may result in them being overlooked or not standing out enough against the natural backdrop. A green banner or flag, for example, may blend in too well with the surrounding foliage and fail to catch people’s attention. 

One best practice is to choose colours that contrast well with the environment, making your products more visible and eye-catching. Of course, you’ll still need to make sure that the said colour identifies with your brand.

Similarity to competitors

The last thing you want is for your promotional products to be confused with those of your competitors, as it will defeat the purpose of standing out and getting your brand noticed. This can also dilute your brand’s identity and make it less memorable. 

A well-founded research on your competitors’ branding and promotional products can help you avoid this mistake – what colours, shapes, and designs do they use? How could you differentiate your brand from theirs? Conduct a competitor analysis and use that information to your advantage.

How Star Outdoor Makes a Difference

Star Outdoor aims to transform your brand presence at outdoor events. Imagine your business making a lasting impression, standing out in the crowd, and connecting effortlessly with your audience – that’s the Star Outdoor difference.

Our professional design team offers a free design service to ensure a strong and consistent visual impact on your outdoor promotional products. We’re your partners in success, and we’re committed to ensuring your investment with us yields results. Reach out to us today, and let’s elevate your brand to new heights.

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