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Using a Wind Barrier as a Marketing Tool

Business owners with outdoor dining and drinking space must consider the installation of a wind barrier. While it encloses your space to demarcate your restaurant’s space, it also promotes your brand to a wider audience. Emblazoning the logo of your cafe or showcasing the specials you’re running serve as major drawcards to potential customers. Typically, you can remove the barriers when you’re not using them, making them a suitable marketing tool for any business in this sector. 

Reasons to Use Wind Barriers for Your Business

Apart from using wind barriers outside a restaurant or cafe, you can employ these products to serve as a crowd control system where queues are required. Barriers help to define a space and reduce chaos in this scenario. The uses of wind barriers are endless, but if you’re still searching for reasons to install this form of outdoor signage, perhaps these will convince you. 

  • You should consider using wind barriers primarily because of the brand exposure they offer. While it serves a practical purpose, when you’ve attached your brand, you’re creating brand awareness amongst the public. When you have multiple businesses vying for the attention of potential customers, you need to stand out, and wind barriers create that opportunity. 
  • You can use them in both outdoor and indoor spaces. For the former, wind barriers are there to protect your customers from external elements. If there is a gust of wind, the barriers shield people from the effects and make the space more comfortable. For interior spaces, you can use wind barriers to separate areas to eat, drink, socialise or rest within a canteen, gym, or sports centre. 
  • Wind barriers improve safety for your customers and passers-by if your restaurant is on the street. Without it, they could trip or walk into your tables, possibly causing injuries. Furthermore, by clearly demarcating your space, the barriers offer protection against possible theft of your furniture from the outside. You can direct people to your establishment with wind barriers with the right design. 
  • Wind barriers make your restaurant seem more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to unorganised tables and chairs. As a result, you’re creating a welcoming and professional impression on people who have never entered your establishment. 
  • There are two types of wind barriers from which to select. The Classic Wind Barrier is straight-edged with a fixed insert, while the Classic Wind Barrier Jacket is a jacket that you can fit over an existing barrier which is an ideal option when you need to renew the signage or have changed your branding. 

We produce wind barriers with longevity in mind which is why we focus on durability and usability. You can connect our wind barriers with the double-foot interlock at a 90-degree angle which enhances its stability. While our design team is available to assist you with any idea you have about a wind barrier, we also offer plain black wind barriers with black inserts that we can dispatch immediately if you require them. 

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