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Beyond Shelter: Marquees as Catalysts for Social Impact and Sustainability

For outdoor events, rain and sunshine can be unexpected guests that require immediate shelter. Queensland is no stranger to unpredictable weather, which is why marquees have become a staple in community events, charity fundraisers and social awareness campaigns. These temporary structures provide protection from the elements while also serving as a blank canvas for event organisers to create unique and engaging spaces.

Beyond these things, marquees can also serve as catalysts for social impact and sustainability – if you wonder how, keep reading!

Marquees for Charity Events and Fundraisers

Across Australia, we’ve worked with Surf Life Saving Club and personalised tents for a selection of their affiliated clubs to use for fundraising and community events. These temporary structures have played a crucial role in helping organisations such as SLSC to raise much-needed funds for their essential services, such as beach patrols and water safety education. The visibility and convenience of marquees in high-traffic areas make them ideal for setting up donation booths, merchandise stalls, or hosting fundraising activities.

Marquees for Community Engagement, Sports and Cultural Events

Community events are an integral part of social interaction, bringing people together to celebrate, learn and support one another. Marquees provide functional spaces for these events and can also facilitate community engagement by serving as meeting points or information booths.

How We Support Social Causes

Our team understands the importance of sustainability and taking care of our environment. That’s why we have implemented a spare parts sustainability program for our products. Through this program, we offer spare parts for our marquees, umbrellas, and other products to help extend their lifespan and reduce the need for replacements, therefore reducing waste.

We’re also big supporters of the Tour de Cure. As part of our advocacy to raise cancer awareness, we’ve been supplying branded products for their cycling events across Australia for free. These events raise funds for cancer research and serve as a platform to educate the public about leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases.

Our Customisation Options

We’re all about offering marquee solutions that suit your unique needs and budget. Our marquees come in two models: the Classic 32 and the Deluxe 40, which both come in various sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your requirements. 

We understand the critical importance of brand continuity and we can work with you to establish how best to brand your marquee offering printing options on the canopy and valance. Throughout the design process, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your brand’s identity remains intact, and your marquee becomes a seamless extension of your message.

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