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Increase Your Café’s Brand Presence With an Outdoor Branded Umbrella

People love spending time at outdoor cafés, especially in the summer. Nothing quite beats the Australian sun, but overexposure isn’t advisable. For this reason, you must consider using an outdoor branded umbrella for your establishment. Providing a break from the sun for your patrons ensures their comfort, resulting in an extended stay at your café and an increase in revenue. Additionally, you can use branded umbrellas to highlight your name and improve your presence. It’s that easy! 

Reasons to Use a Branded Café Umbrella

Obtaining these umbrellas is a practical business decision if your café allows for al fresco dining. When the umbrellas serve their primary purpose, you can capitalise on that and reap the benefits for your establishment. 

  • Attract new customers. The goal of every business is to lure in new customers. Existing ones will always be loyal if your service is up to standard, and you serve quality products. However, when people notice your quaint café with these umbrellas, they are more likely to enter, knowing they have a shield from the elements. Creating the ideal outdoor ambience is what you can do with these umbrellas, encouraging socialites to frequent your establishment. 
  • Capitalise on usable space. The outdoor space of a café can potentially increase your revenue and assist with the bottom line. You don’t necessarily have to pay more rent for using the area outside your restaurant door, so you might as well use the space to generate income. Including shading in the form of an umbrella will increase foot traffic to your business since it alerts people of your presence. Some reports suggest that outdoor seating can help increase a restaurant’s revenue by up to 30 percent. 
  • Creating brand awareness. When you think about some of the largest corporations in the world, people are already aware of their brands, yet they continue advertising and placing their logos on various items. They mainly adopt this type of strategy to remain top-of-mind with the consumer. Café umbrellas are a blank canvas that you must use to market your business. Simply branding it with the name of the café or a logo creates an impression in the minds of passers-by and, as a result, improves your marketability. 
  • Protect belongings. How often have you seen patrons place their items, such as keys, sunglasses and smartphones on the restaurant table? Umbrellas allow customers to relax in the environment while they and their belongings have protection from the weather. It might appear to be trivial, but it’s this unique point that will ensure you have repeat patrons. 

We build these umbrellas to last, and acquiring and branding them is easy. When you collaborate with us, you can expect an effortless experience with quality goods that will last a long time. Upon purchasing your outdoor branded umbrella, you will enjoy the easy assembly and pack-down processes. We only use engineer-grade materials and stock various fabrics to suit any style requirement and budget. 

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