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Sun Safe Marquees: Pop-up Shades Shine with a 99% UVE Most Effective ARPANSA Rating 

At Star Outdoor, we take sun safety to heart, and we’re thrilled to announce that our marquees have achieved an outstanding ARPANSA rating of 99% in Ultraviolet Effectiveness (UVE). This impressive rating reinforces our commitment to providing the safest outdoor shade solutions for our customers. 

Our Commitment to Sun Safety 

Sun safety is paramount in our mission, and we’ve invested extensive effort in testing and refining our marquees to meet the highest sun safety standards. 

The Importance of UVE Rating 

When it comes to shade fabrics, the UVE rating is the most pertinent measure of effectiveness against harmful UV radiation. 

The Limitations of UPF Rating 

In the past, shade products like marquees were often evaluated using the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. However, this rating, designed for personal sun protection clothing, was not an ideal fit for assessing the effectiveness of shade fabric. Several factors affect a marquee’s ability to provide sun safety, including: 

Distance: The distance between the shade and the individual seeking protection can vary, making UPF ratings less accurate for structures like marquees. 

Size and Position: The size and positioning of the marquee can significantly impact the level of sun protection it offers. 

Sun Angle: The sun’s angle changes throughout the day and across seasons, influencing the effectiveness of a shade structure. 

Reflective Materials: Nearby reflective surfaces can further affect the amount of UV exposure. 

Our Continuous Innovation 

Our dedication to keeping you sun-safe motivates us to research and innovate continually. We strive to remain at the forefront of sun safety, ensuring that your outdoor experience under our pop-up marquees is enjoyable and exceptionally secure from harmful UV radiation. Your safety is our priority, and our 99% ARPANSA UVE rating underscores our unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate sun-safe shade solutions. 

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