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Use Our Free Design Service for a Branded Marquee

The business world has become increasingly competitive over the last decade, highlighting the need for you to stand out from the crowd. While that may be a cliche, it’s a reality. Without proper marketing and advertising, your brand or product can become lost, leading to poor turnover and profits. For this reason, it’s advisable to invest in marketing, whether promotional items or a branded marquee; it will go a long way in preserving and promoting your brand. 

Marquees represent fantastic value as a marketing tool as the branding on the peak and the valance appears above the heads of the guests/crowd at any event and have impact from a long distance. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your marquee branding

  • The peak of your marquee will be viewed from 20-30mtrs away so it’s important to put your logo big and bold on the peak of the marquee for all to see, all 4-side print is the most affective as it can be viewed from all directions.
  • As you come closer the valance is just above your eyeline – this is panel that goes around the canopy of the marquee, it’s the ideal spot to put a smaller version of your logo with your positioning statement &/or any call to action such as QR code, Website address phone number etc
  • You are now right in front or inside the marquee and the walls are screaming your brand at you.  They are ideal for campaigns or product information, use photos, graphics and let your creativity go to create a real sense of what your brand is all about. Print them double sided for exposure inside and out!

You now have an amazing outdoor branded marquee that will not only expose and build your brand.

Tips for Effective Branded Flag Banners 

Banners are an incredible marketing resource for any business, enabling you to show up at any event where you can establish a brand presence. You can place banners anywhere to push your product or service. While this form of marketing is generally effective, if you get the messaging or design wrong, you’re simply wasting money. Follow these tips to ensure that your banners are effective. 

  • It’s advisable to place your company logo at the very top of the banner. The banner’s main message should be near the middle or eye-level for your customers. Setting the logo at the top communicates your business name and will establish an association in customers’ minds. 
  • When thinking about a banner design, remember that people read from top to bottom or left to right. Your message is to adhere to this format to be effective. It’s imperative to keep text to a minimum. The banner is simply a way to capture the attention of people. Once you’ve got that, they will reach out to you for more information about your business or the product. Ensure that the font is large enough for people to read, even at a distance. It’s pointless loading text onto a banner when it requires people to stop and read it to get the main idea. 
  • Always opt for high-quality images if you are thinking about placing images on the banner. Anything less than the best will ruin the banner as the image will appear pixelated – not the idea you want to communicate to potential customers. 
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace bright colours for the banner. On that note, the background colour of the banner and the text must be in contrast to ensure readability. Colours like red and orange are excellent for grabbing attention but avoid using dull colours. 
  • When using the banner at a large expo, it’s essential to include contact details somewhere on the banner. You may not have the opportunity to speak with every customer, so having your contact information, such as a telephone number, email address, or website, will help in the long term. 

Whatever promotional product you’re looking for, we’re equipped to assist. Whether you need banners or branded umbrellas, our team will ensure that your brand stands out from the rest. Additionally, you can capitalise on our free design service, where our professionals can direct you to get the best out of your branded items. 

We’ve been operating for almost two decades and have generated a reputation for being a leader in the industry across the country. Contact us when you need a branded marquee or other marketing items, and start establishing your business as a brand. 

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