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Feather Flags and Other Types of Flag Banners

With so many display options to choose from when you want to represent your business or cause, you might have considered using flag banners. Flag banners have a variety of styles, such as feather flags or counter flags, that allow you to show off an eye-catching message or image, whether outside your business or at an event.

Today we’re looking into the different types of flag banners available to you and the benefits of each so that you can make more informed decisions when choosing which to use.

Different Types of Flag Banners

Here are the various flag banners you can choose from that comprise two distinct categories. These categories include Classic and Specialty styles. Let’s look at the distinct categories and their flag types.

Classic Styles

  • Teardrop Flags. These flags have a bow-like arch that keeps the attached flag in a static position. This static positioning means the flag will warp much less in the wind, making it an ideal option for detailed messaging that might require some time to read.
  • Flying Feather Flags. Similar to teardrop flags, these also utilise a bow-like arch with a loose flag attached. The main difference is that the arch is mostly straight with a slight curve at the end, leaving a large part of the flag with less wind resistance. This lessened wind resistance means the flag enjoys spectacular wind movement, making it ideal for logos, brand names, or pictures that you want to draw eyes toward. Great for attracting attention
  • Hanging Flags. These flags have a rectangular shape – not a curved shape like a teardrop or flying feather flags – making them best suited for situations where you want to display messages and images on larger surface areas.

Specialty Styles

  • Swooper Flags. These flags have a unique straight-edged top which is an eye-catching design but requires wind to display the contents effectively. These flags work well at events where you’re advertising a sponsor or showing off team colours since messaging might not always be legible if the wind isn’t consistent.
  • Counter Flags. Similar in design to feather flags but only smaller, these flags are designed for use on counters or tables. These are ideal for showing off a new menu item or advertising sponsors at the table.
  • Flagpole Flags. These flag designs require a mast and full wind to open fully, making them best suited for use where you’re displaying team colours, school pride, or something similar. They come with sister clips for easy installation and have double stitching so the flag keeps its good looks for longer.

Where Can You Find These Flag Types

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