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Elevate Your Brand or Event With a Promotional Marquee

Business owners often neglect to invest in their marketing activities, which can be detrimental. Marketing your brand at an event can go a long way to improving recognition and helping to win and retain customers. Using a promotional marquee is one avenue you can pursue, as it’s a cost-effective marketing tool. Instead of cutting your marketing budget, you can take the convenient route and get maximum exposure with our promotional items. 

Using a Branded Marquee for Your Business

Marquees are large tents that you can use for various commercial activities. These marketing tools are easy to set up and highly versatile, and you can use them for businesses of all sizes. These are some ways you can use a branded gazebo to help your organisation grow. 

Event Tent

One of the most popular ways to use branded gear is at a prominent event. An example is sponsoring a water station at a sports event where hundreds, if not thousands, of people will see your company branding. 

Pop Up Shop

You can use a branded gazebo as a mobile store at a market, fair or fete if you sell products or produce. The branding on the material extends your current store and helps you reach a broader audience. 

Mobile Privacy

A business offering services such as massages or therapy sessions on the road will require a degree of privacy. Using a branded gazebo provides you with a functional marketing opportunity. 

UV Protection

As we head for summer, the sun’s UV rays become more dangerous with increased exposure. Having a marquee available for your event enables clients and others to find a reprieve from the sun. They can enjoy some shade while standing in line for a cool beverage or a bite to eat from a food truck while establishing your brand image in their minds. 

Reasons to Use Branded Marquees as a Marketing Tool

In a competitive business world, you must stand out. Applying your company branding to a marquee offers several benefits. 

Drive Engagement 

In an event with a sea of marquees, yours needs to be attractive and impressive. As a result, when people visit your mobile location and are pleased with their experiences inside, they will automatically associate your brand with positive sentiment. Furthermore, they’re more likely to engage with your brand in the future. 


Setting up the marquees we supply is easy. Consequently, you can erect and deconstruct it without hassle. Once you’ve invested in this promotional tool, you can store it away when not in use and have it ready when planning to take your brand outside. Additionally, you can arrange the inside of the marquee any way you see fit to suit different events instead of hosting the event in a building or renting a hall. 

Star Outdoor is Here to Make Marketing Easy

We believe that brand marketing shouldn’t be difficult, and our products are a testament to that principle. When you need to amplify your brand, we have a solution ideal for any situation or event. Opt for cost-effective marketing tools and speak to one of our team members for your promotional marquee and gazebo requirements today. 

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