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Consider Using a Branded Media Wall for Your Business

Wherever your business or event is in Australia, you need to stand out to potential clients. One of the marketing elements that business owners and event managers are embracing is a branded media wall. Simply put, a media wall is a large backdrop that you can use at major events such as launches, press conferences, and other functions. 

Usually, the media wall displays your brand’s logo, sponsors or slogans and offers two primary functions – creating a neat background for people to take photos and marketing the brands involved in organising the event. Choose a reputable company that can offer design and print work in a one-stop shop offering, and with us. It’s easy! 

How Does a Branded Media Wall Benefit Your Event?

Arranging a media wall for your company’s event is easy; anyone can do it. With so many options and ideas, the possibilities are endless to make the media wall something to behold. These are the benefits you can enjoy when using a branded media wall for an event. 

  • Engagement. There’s no doubt that a media wall becomes the centre focus at an event. It acts as a gathering spot for people to view and interact by taking photos and selfies with the brands and messages. With everyone flocking to the media wall to take photos, it creates a buzz around the event. 
  • Boost existing media campaigns. Whatever strategies you’ve used to market your business require additional mileage. A media wall is an excellent tool that takes your brand beyond boundaries. When you need to reach a wider audience or launch a new product, having the new logo and slogans on a media can drive home brand recognition. 
  • Show appreciation to partners and sponsors. If you’ve required the assistance of other businesses through sponsorship to put the event together, featuring the brand logo on the wall is a neat touch. You’re showing your appreciation for their involvement and giving their respective brands more exposure, giving your company a reputation for honouring its partners and sponsors. 
  • Social media trends. People often take pictures and post them on social media. With a large background displaying your logo, product or slogan, you can expect your business to be at the centre of attention for people following attendees of your event. It’s constant marketing and exposure. You can’t have it as easy as that with another marketing tool. 
  • Cost-efficient and easy. We can’t stress enough just how easy it is to obtain a media wall with your company details on it. You won’t require any fancy equipment or come up with creative designs by yourself, as we have a team to assist. It’s an affordable option for any business.
  • Portability. The 3mtr media wall packs into a carry bag 1065mm x 280mm x 160mm and is just 16kg in weight. So it’s easy to take on a plane, in a car and carry by hand. The wall when assembled (5minutes) creates a massive 3mtr x 2.25mtr branded wall.

If you’re planning an event, make sure you have a branded media wall as the primary marketing tool. Reach a broader audience and inform them about your company and product by erecting the wall and inviting people to take photos in front of it. Alternatively, you can also have a look at other marketing options we offer.

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