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Market Your Business With Effective Outdoor Signage

The business world has never been more competitive than today. Several companies are still reeling from the effects of the recent pandemic and trying to navigate through choppy waters. One of the tools you can use to set your brand apart from others is effective marketing strategies. While there are numerous options to consider, outdoor signage has proven to be a cost-effective solution for many years. 

You can’t underestimate the role of marketing. Signage draws more customers to your operation and eventually drives up revenue. The more you create brand awareness amongst potential clients, the better your chances are of remaining competitive in today’s market. 

Benefits of A-Frame Signage for Your Business

Some people refer to A-frame signage as sandwich signs, but they truly are the unsung heroes in this aspect of marketing. Digitisation has transformed signage marketing by introducing high-tech screens, but nothing beats the traditional sign on a banner that offers several benefits. 

  • A-Frames are ideal for outdoor advertising. They’re light enough to carry in and out every day yet heavy enough to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. 
  • Generally, A-frames are effective when you place them on the exterior walkway of your business. It’s difficult for people to walk by and completely miss out on the message the sign conveys. If the design is effective, you will achieve your marketing goals by simply placing one near your business. Furthermore, since they’re at ground level, it’s easier and safer for people to read as they walk by. 
  • Naturally, companies must weigh their marketing strategies’ costs before implementing them. For this reason, A-frames are incredibly cost-effective as they cost a fraction of what you would expect from digital signage, banners, marquees, or neon signs. Additionally, considering the years of service these products can give you with minimal maintenance, it’s certainly a wise business decision to install them near your operation. 
  • We’ve touched on the fact that A-frames are light enough to take out and bring in every day. However, it’s so light that even a child could pick one up and move it to another more effective location. This portability ensures that you can store them neatly away when you’re not using them since they also fold flat. However, if you wanted the frame to be more permanent, you could fill the base with sand and water to offer more durability. 
  • The versatility that you get from A-frames is second to none. With so many different configurations available, your design options are limitless. You can opt for a single or double side or have reversible slide-in panels depending on your need. Each of these options offers unique advantages to suit businesses of all types. 

Speaking to the team at Star Outdoor will ensure that you obtain the ideal signage for your business. We are here to help you amplify your brand through effective design and quality outdoor signage.

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