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How Do Businesses Benefit from Using Wind Barriers?

Various industries spanning events, sports and leisure make use of temporary fences for practical protection and brand promotion. Wind barriers, commonly spotted on outdoor patios, restaurants, catering establishments and even sporting fields, are used mainly to keep away outdoor elements like wind and dust in an effort to build a visible barrier between the public space and private property, promote the brand image, and enhance the overall patron experience.

Below, we’ve listed how some of the top industries can benefit from using wind barriers:

Outdoor Restaurants and Cafés

Outdoor restaurants and cafés are always on the lookout for ways to improve customer experience in a cost-effective manner. For instance, when the pandemic paralysed business operations and indoor dining was temporarily banned, outdoor seating became a crucial alternative. Wind barriers offered a practical solution as extensions of such seating arrangements, helping to block out wind and dust from disrupting the dining experience.

Apart from this, wind barriers became canvasses for brand promotion on restaurant patios, spaces that were otherwise underutilised. The fabrics used for wind barriers can be customised to feature the brand’s logo, colours and designs, serving as an effective marketing tactic in prime locations.

We can work on both your wind barriers and cafés umbrellas to create a cohesive look for your outdoor dining space that is functional and visually appealing.

Catering Services

From weddings to corporate gatherings, catering services often set up temporary outdoor dining areas for their clients. Customisable wind barriers often showcase the caterer’s brand logo, enhancing brand visibility and creating a professional image. Beyond branding,  wind barriers also serve a practical purpose in these settings, reducing gusts of wind and dust that could disrupt the dining experience –  especially for events held in open fields or gardens.

Our team can work with your catering business to create customised wind barriers that capture your brand identity and provide a practical solution for outdoor events.

Event Organisers and Planners

Food fairs, music festivals and other outdoor events will often require setting up temporary barriers to define event boundaries, provide privacy and protection, and create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for attendees.

Our wind barriers are highly customisable, making them a perfect fit for such events. We’ll work with your team to ensure that the product not only serves its practical purpose but also aligns with the event’s theme and branding. Should you need a hand in designing and planning the event, we offer valuable insights to ensure that your barriers serve their intended purpose and elevate the overall experience for attendees.

Want to know more about our custom wind barriers?

Our wind barriers come in various sizes, styles, and colours. Depending on how you would need your wind barriers to function, we can help you choose the best option that meets your requirements. This also makes it easier to interlink barriers for larger areas, providing a seamless and secure barrier system.

Yet to decide on the design, colour, or style of your wind barriers? Leave that to us. Our team of experts offers free design services to help you bring your brand’s vision to life. Hit us up to learn how we can help elevate your business with our custom wind barrier solutions.

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