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A Printed Gazebo is a Practical Marketing Tool

Whatever industry your business is in, the need for proper marketing and advertising will always be a constant factor for success. Hosting events is just one of the strategies you can use to increase your brand recognition and awareness. A printed gazebo for outdoor events offers both functionality and brand exposure. 

Splashing your logo or company name onto a gazebo is one of the easiest ways to advertise. When you consult with the team at Star Outdoor, we’ll make it even easier by assisting with the design and development of the ultimate gazebo. 

Reasons to Use Gazebos for Events

Remember that every gazebo you obtain is of high quality and easy to set up in any location. The gazebo can also fold away easily and comes in a nifty carry bag, making it easy to transport. They’re typically durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find gazebos of various sizes to suit different types of events. 

Mobile Caterers

No market, carnival, sports event or fête is complete without decent food stalls. If you have to hop around between these events every week, all you need is a gazebo that you can set up without hassle. You also have the chance to brand the gazebo with your business details so people who enjoy your food can look out for you at these types of events. Mobile bars and drinks services can also use branded gazebos to inform people what’s on offer at your stand. 


Whether you sell retail products or have developed a unique brand that you want to get to the public, a gazebo allows you to create a pop-up shop to showcase what you have to offer. Like food stalls, you may be attending different types of events every week, so it’s wise to brand the gazebo and get your name and logo out there. 

Promoting Your Business

As a business owner, you should be aware of the power of advertising. Whether you need to promote a service or product, a printed gazebo is an easy way to get constant exposure.  

Pop-Up Reception and Help Desk

If you’re hosting an event, visitors need a focal point where they can sign up or obtain passes. Erecting a gazebo with your branding helps people identify where they need to go, and it imprints your brand as a visual in the customer’s mind. 

Shelter From the Elements

The great thing about gazebos is that they will protect you from the weather. Whether the sun is beating down or you need shelter from the rain, a gazebo does the job. You can use a branded version whenever you need to be in the field, at a factory or town centre. 

Amplify Your Brand Today

With over 15 years of experience assisting businesses with branding, we know how to help in any industry. Order your printed gazebo today and start getting your brand or product out to Australia.

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